10 Worst Road Accidents In USA

Vehicles today on the roads of the USA are modern, far more advanced and are rich with safety features. Yet, the issues of fatal accidents on the roads tend to continue unabatedly. The families, friends and near & dear ones unfortunately suffer silently due to the involvement of one of them. Plenty has been done and plenty continue being done to prevent accidents with advents in many safety features in the vehicles and aids on the roads. Statistics shown by various authorities tell us of reduction in accidents. Despite all such measures, accidents continue and plague the civil society with a massive dent to the economy with the prohibitory expenses such incidents involve. The return to regular life can be painfully long, time consuming and affects the future of the suffering family gravely. Unless taken care of, the current situation of road accidents claiming to be the 9th highest cause for casualty, can safely occupy the 5th position inside couple decades. Accidents must have been unimaginable when motor vehicles first came out to replace the good old horse-drawn carts. With the passage of time, more and more vehicles vied for space on the roads, roads were built to accommodate more vehicles, safety features keep being invented, on-road aids continue to modernize, yet “enough” remained a dynamic word, it is never adequate enough. New reasons and causes of accidents keep surfacing all the time.

Road Accident

Here we present the recent worst road incidents so we learn and keep ourselves from harm’s way.

In Southern Alamance County, North Carolina, during a heavy downpour, a man rushing his wife in labor to the hospital in his car, lost control on the wheel and skid fatally. The crash resulted in a severe concussion and the wife could not be saved. Investigations revealed that she did not have the seat belts on. The wheels were worn out too.

In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, five youngsters travelling together hit a tractor trailer in August “12. In no time, the car caught fire. Before any help could arrive, all five had charred to death. Apparently, none of the unfortunate and hapless five had seat belts on.

Around approximately the same time, human traffickers in McAllen, Texas were transporting illegal immigrants in a truck. Due to an explosion in one of its front tires, the truck cartwheeled multiple times. It was carrying 23 people. In the aftermath, 15 people lost their lives and 9 were grievously injured.

Yet again in Texas, 2 elderly people lost their lives when their car was ploughed in by a huge tractor trailer. Incidentally, there were up to hundred and fifty vehicles involved in the mess it created on the I-10, southwest of Beaumont City which caused minor to grievous injuries to as many as 80 hapless people.

In early January of 2012, 5 cars and 6 tractor trailers caused a pile-up on a Florida highway. The mess was frightening with vehicles twisted on top of each other that caused fire and smoke. The affected stretch was more than a mile. It left 10 casualties in its wake.

One of the most unfortunate accidents revealed no reason. This occurred in Texas; it involved a truck on its way with around couple dozen people riding in. This snuffed out lives of 14 people. Around 9 were treated for minor to serious injuries.

3 grown up people and 2 kids met with tragic death when their Mercedes van caught fire after hitting a structure and somersaults one early morning in New York. The rescuers discovered that the passengers could not extricate themselves from the vehicle and died of asphyxiation.

On a St Louis highway, a driver who survived, informed the police that he lost control of the wheel, the car cartwheeled and smashed into other cars before coming to rest. None of his 4 co-passengers could be saved.

In a heartrending incidence, a boy of the tender age of 17, lost control on a steep turn on a newly bought car. It caused death of 4 other students on the road. Incidentally, the stretch of this accident was marked as being accident prone one. If only the teen driver had heeded the warning!

During the middle of 2012, in a bizarre incidence, a truck and a car collided even though they were on either side of the divider, travelling in opposite directions. This had occurred in Knoxville, Tennessee. The daughter was in intense trauma knowing that none of her folks – mother, father and brother survived the crash. She was inflicted with very serious injuries as well. The parents were from the medical fraternity.

Mishaps do happen. And they happen unannounced. They are difficult to predict. Safety precautions like looking out for worn out tires, seat belts, adhering to road signs, stipulated maintenance routine, refreshing driving guidelines, improved locking mechanisms etc. would certainly help reduce the casualties and save our families from ruin.

Clogged Fuel Injectors: Reasons, Symptoms & Maintenance Tips

Fuel Economy is such a lusty term which inveigle and also a cause to agonize for the car owners. Fuel injectors are very important component of modern vehicles. Clogged fuel injectors are one of the manifestations that infect fuel economy.

In high mileage vehicles this is almost undeniable and lowers gas mileage resulting in poor performance of the vehicle. Unclogged fuel injectors boost your gas mileage and enhance engine performance. I warn you that if you are thinking of fixing it then you will have to experience hefty servicing charges and I bet you nobody would prefer to come across such a hitch. Therefore, it is paramount to service your fuel injectors to eradicate hindrance and yield and refurbish your fuel economy.

The following video gives more details on the subject.

Basically, there are two types of fuel injectors:

  • Mechanical direct
  • Mechanical redirect

Fuel Injector yields indispensable gasoline into engine to run the car. Let’s maneuver deep into the facts about the causes of clogging.

  • Gasoline – I wonder you are aware of the fact that it is the initial cause of clogged fuel injectors. It occurs when the engine stops, heat soak silts of fuel begins to evaporate but oilfins becomes hard gild, gets deep-seated in the injector tips resulting in clogging and the injectors.
  • Rust coming from gas supply
  • Use of less detergent

Before confronting such problems if you manage to figure out the striking symptoms pointing towards dirty fuel injectors the circumstances can be avoided. 5 indications to detect faulty fuel injectors:

1. Abrupt Engine
2. Engine misfire
3. Rough idle
4. Leaking fuel
5. Reduced gas mileage

Tools to check whether your car has a clean or dirty fuel injector:

  • Engine stethoscope – Place the tip on each injector and listen to sounds if made any. Absence of sound discloses a problem with the injector.

Preventive steps to be taken to get rid of sludge:

  • Use good and high quality gasoline.
  • Use polyether Amin as additives.

Cleaning solutions to be implemented:

  • On car cleaning
  • Off car cleaning

Minor Maintenance Tips for Audi: Simple but Can Save Your Time & Dime

Audi is a great car. It is a style statement, it is known around the globe for its powerful performance, superior engineering and high ride quality. Owning an Audi gives you pride and status. Have you ever wondered the background of the Audi emblem? Well you sure see four rings, side by side, interlocked. This symbol has been enchanting car enthusiasts since the early 20th century – a symbol that indicates progressive engineering. The four rings actually signify four motor car manufacturers – namely Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer. These gentlemen joined hands in 1932 to build what we know as Audi AG today, synonymous for its undying pursuit of innovation.

Audi Maintenance

Well you are certainly taking proper care of Audi regularly following the scheduled maintenance calendar, would you like to know more? Something that most people do not do as they presume mechanics are the best people to know or they do not have the time or assume tinkering with an expensive car like Audi is not a good idea or simply not made like that. However if you had little time, you would be surprised how much you could do at home and divert the saved money into more meaningful purposes by knowing that little of your Audi.

Some of the below is really something you could fix at home, most are preventive measures that you detect yourselves for the purpose of taking them to your service station for inspection and necessary repairs and the rest are means that if followed, will get more out of your Audi and thus maintain a great value leading to savings.

You can check build up of debris under and around the wiper blades. This Wiper Bladedirt may cause scratches on the wind shield that may not be easy to get rid of. The dirt will also hamper the function of the wipers giving you trouble with visibility. Before the onset of the winters, it would be good to check the condition of the rubber portion – the blade that is. If it looks coming off its place or does not wipe off traces off water, then perhaps it is time to replace with new ones. The manual would tell how to remove the wipers and put on a new one. Try it once right away, just to feel the simplicity, you would be surprised why you never tried it ever and always relied on a mechanic.

When you are buying a pair of wipers, do remember to take the specifications along; you should get it in the manual or engraved on the wiper itself; you could detach the wiper itself and take it into the store to compare it (if the store allowed it in).

If there is new noise you believe wasn’t there earlier, you could try detecting the source of the same. If you find a clip or a bolt gone loose, you could try tightening it as much as you could until you could refer it to the mechanic in your next visit. At times I would push a piece of leather or rubber to deaden the noise and thus close a gap of an offending part which does not have anything to tighten.

When accelerating, do you hear a squealing sound? Well it could well be the alternator belt that has had its fun. The best you could do here is to note it down so you don’t forget mentioning to the mechanic on your subsequent visit. Such a condition would fail to charge the batteries adequately. It is likely that your mechanic would replace the belt and rid you of the noise. At other times the culprit could be water accumulated in the engine bay, either due to rain or washing. Try drying it.

How To Maintain A Audi

You know the wheels need rebalancing and perhaps realignment when you feel the steering of your Audi vibrating. Another symptom is pain in the arms; happens when the steering tends to pull on one side and your unconscious efforts to keep it straight. Check the manual to verify; it would have a section that helps you isolate problems and provide number of solutions. Balancing and alignment need equipment that you have to get it done at your mechanic’s or the tire service shop. Yeah, you can sure shop for the cheapest around.

A knocking in the engine can be a serious problem. Worn out bearings is one of the commonest causes. If this happens, it would do a lot of good to take opinion from your trusted mechanic at the earliest as ignorance can potentially damage more parts in less time, causing complications, more time to repair and of course more money. Scheduled maintenance routine is the answer to let it not happen after all.

If this does not fulfill your appetite for learning, then you need to pick up the Audi mechanic’s manual. Knowledge always guarantees yet better service, makes you a savvy customer and earns you respect from the mechanics.

India Widened Its Arms For AUDI

It seems the good time for Audi India is here for to stay for a longer period. For last few months the luxury car maker has been on a roll of success. It has brought a wider smile for the car makers in Indian market. It has continued its success journey and has achieved another milestone in its feather. The Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany based company when came for the first time in Indian market it was considered to be a hard task for them to make a customer base here as in India most of the people still don’t have enough money to opt for luxury cars.

Demand Of Audi In India

But the winners are those who can find ways where others couldn’t. And that is what they did. It has become the first luxury car makers to sell more than 10,000 units of car in a single financial year, and that is not all about their achievements. There are more to talk about, the manufacturer have also achieved its personal best ever monthly sales figure in March 2014. They are having other reasons to broaden their smile they have been able to figure best ever quarterly sales of 2740 units from January to March in FY14. And the FY14 (2013-2014) have ended with a lot of things for them to look forward to. A total of 10126 units of luxury cars they have sold in Indian market in this financial year which is again the best figure they have ever achieved in India.

Audi A3

The main reason for the blooming success of the auto maker is its ability to understand the market and hence produce the appropriate product for the customers. The manufacturer is focusing on bringing Indian people centric cars in the country and that have resulted in outstanding sale figure in last financial year. That’s not all in order to bring the cost of manufacturing and hence selling price under belt they have started manufacturing products in Aurangabad. They are all set to launch one more entry level Sedan Audi A3 exclusively for Indian customer. The company is already having 34 showrooms in India and is planning to increase this number to 40 by the end of this year. This is perhaps the best dealership any of the luxury brands offer in sub-continent and that is considered to be one of the reasons for its success in recent times.

Joe King

In an interview when asked about his view for the success in recent times by Audi India, its Head, Mr. Joe King, said “The double achievement of selling 10000 units in a single financial year and calendar year validates the strength and stature that the brand has achieved in India. We are looking forward to consolidate our position while growing profitably in the future as well. In line with our top-down strategy, we will be launching the next big Audi – Audi A3 Sedan later this year. Globally, the Audi A3 has been a great success and I feel that it is just the right product for the Indian market and will further delight customers across the country.”

Driverless car: The revolution in auto industry

In the view of lack of adequate and effective public transport system, cars have painfully become a necessity for each and every home. Due to certain shortcomings in today’s driving and street conditions, corporations started thinking of cars that would play on auto-pilot, a technology feature already existing in the airplanes.

You may already be aware that Google with a team of over 15 engineers has been spending a lot of time and money on the concept of driverless cars. It works with the assistance of cameras and sensors to guide it around. Google claims to have clocked over 500,000 miles with the fleet so built with technology. These tests have been going in various states,


at different times of the day, in different conditions of traffic density, on city roads, on freeways, on mountainous roads. Whether there will be a steering wheel, whether a person sitting inside would have access to controls in case of something going wrong – are questions not having answers yet. The concept has yet to step out in a commercial form. It is most interesting but also interesting is the idea of its success when all the cars on road today are manual. The gelling of manual driven cars vis-à-vis driverless ones on the roads together would make an interesting study. If you think of the quantity of technology being put into cars already, the concept would appear to be a small extension to what is there already and hence the concept may not impress many. We already have computer assisted features to identify a problem with some assembly – warning lamps indicating it needs attention; parking sensors to assist in performing a swift and safe parking.

The general benefits expected from driverless cars are not difficult to imagine – it would make the roads safer, take out the mishaps that occur due to human error and thus save the humanity from massive losses arising out of the same. Poor driving skills, less time to respond to a sticky situation, drunk driving, dozing off and carelessness are the common causes it would obviously be addressing that cripples many people every year. To cite figures, 90% of the accidents indicate human error as the key reason.

Further it is not tough to imagine that with more such autonomous cars on the roads, it would be possible for them to interact with each other. This communication would be valuable in charting a common channel for all vehicles travelling to the same destination or direction. This could possibly reduce the congestion in the streets, freeways and motorways and on traffic signals. Currently, this is achieved by individual driver in each vehicle, thinking in his own way of escaping out of the mess, and thereby creates a greater mess, inadvertently.

Communication would also make all such cars maintain a pre-defined distance from each other and thus avoid collision; currently drivers train on this aspect and fail to adhere to it.

Driverless cars, if you think of it, would benefit the elderly as well as ones with disabilities. Driverless cars possibly could reduce their dependence on others to a certain extent.

Velodyne 64 beam laserWell what does the technology involve? As indicated earlier, it involves a laser range finder contraption sitting on the top of a vehicle that is capable of detecting obstacles in the vicinity and has intelligence to navigate too with the help of Velodyne 64 beam laser. The sensor is capable of seeing in all directions with its 360 degree viewing ability and has a limited but sufficient vertical viewing ability. With this 3D laser measurement data in hand, the onboard application interfaces with high resolution maps producing data models that tell the car of how it should navigate while adhering to traffic regulations. The bumpers of the car are mounted with up to 4 radars, traffic light detecting gadget on the rear view mirror, GPS, wheel encoder etc. Wheel encoders measure the data to tell the car how much further it would go. Here, you might wonder of the purpose of the rear view mirror; well we most certainly would pass it on to Google!

The governments of the various states are truly in great stress and finds laying down a performance standard pretty challenging. With the qualifications of the staff in the government inferior than those sitting in the offices of hi-tech companies – anyone can see that there looms a big divide, difficult to bridge.

Driverless cars are sure to come; but before that there are a lot of challenges to be taken care of. One can only imagine of the impacts and perhaps test them. But when launched formally, it is certain to pose a picture that would not have been possible to visualize earlier; this would come at painful costs. Would it also impact the number of jobs and profits and infrastructure? Most likely so – chauffeurs, insurance companies, fuel industry, steel production – many could be made to take the hit.

Nobody said it would be easy!

Auto Mechanic: A Job That Needs Extra Skill

Cars are a necessity in many cities mainly because the public transport system is either inadequate or ineffective or missing altogether. This leaves no alternative for individuals to get their children to college, to work, to shopping and to pleasure destinations. If your car gets bogged down even for a day, it causes so much of hassle that the routines go topsy-turvy and causes unnecessary heartburn for the following so many days. Worse still is your car stalling on your way to some place; perhaps you were taking your child to the doctor, or were on way to a crucial meeting, or were heading to a weekend pleasure trip.

Maintenance of the car:

This brings us to the topic of maintaining your car to serve your business – personal and official most optimally. Many people take certain care of their cars by themselves and for the rest they rely on the service and repair workshop staff,

Car Wash

mechanics and technicians. Before relying on them, you have to check out the qualities they have. As long as you have to rely on support and service from outside, you seek quality of work in as little time as possible and as little expense as possible that would assure you peace of mind – a big asset in today’s busy-busy world.

Important things to consider for the repair:

When you have to rely on the repair and service workshops, what are the qualities that would help you get desired service? Well you must be having few things in your mind, here I try to supplement with few so you may enhance your checklist and get the best out of our combined efforts.

Does your mechanic allow you to use technology to reserve service slots? In today’s hi-tech times this is a one of the key ingredients that smoothens the rough routine of anyone’s day. The ability to interact without having to talk is a great blessing, I am sure you would agree. Older people not used to using gadgets, may use the good old phones. Does your mechanic have arrangements in place that phone calls are promptly answered?

What is the symbol of a professional mechanic?

When you take your car to the workshop, if & when you have to, how much time you are made to wait before you get to have a word with the service advisor? Professional mechanics would have customer friendly procedures in place that makes any customer feel important, even when he or she has to wait.

Professional Mechanic

You do not have to be aggressive to explain your troubles and needs, but he has to exercise patience and remain tactical. All customers are not alike; some would be expert in putting their points effectively in little time, while it may be difficult for others, yet many love to speak on and on as if they got an audience that otherwise is unavailable at home. The service advisor cannot escape such situation and therefore has to have enough training as well as experience so both the party’s times are taken care of as professionally as possible with no damage done to the egos of customers.

Tips to make the customer busy during the repair time:

If there are customers waiting while their car is being attended to, they can become impatient in no time, especially when they are accompanied with children. So does your mechanic have a customer lounge with things to keep them all busy? A play area would keep kids engaged for certain while.

It would be great if your mechanic assigns you an alternate car to continue with your daily grind. However it is best to keep in mind that such luxuries could most likely come at cost hidden in each item of the bill. Alternatively, a shuttle service works best that will get you to a convenient point from where you could proceed on the MRT, tube or public bus to your place of business.

Important areas in which the mechanic needs to be strong:

Your mechanic should be thoroughly conversant of how things work in at least the following items, problem detecting skills, and prior experience of repairing or replacing the offending part.

  • Engine
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Brake System
  • Suspension
  • Steering
  • Tune-ups
  • Oil Filter
  • Oil Changes
  • Cooling System
  • Clutch
  • Transmissions


I am best satisfied when he seeks previous service records. It could be from other workshops I have been to in the past; or checking his own service records. It tells me that he wants to ensure that he does not replace a part that was repaired or replaced recently, unless he has more reason to do so. Isn’t it a great quality? He is behaving as if it was his own car!

Mechanics that are expected to work on timed targets for each job are likely to oversee a thing or two in the attempt to meet their deadlines. Although every workshop owner is there to make money and keep his staff happy, but there are ways to manage and optimize work so overbooking is avoided and the customer is not sent back dissatisfied.

To summarize, your car mechanic has to demonstrate honesty, training, quality, helpful attitude, knowledge and friendliness to make all the difference.

Qualities To Look For In The Best BMW Mechanic In Frisco, TX

BMW is a German car manufacturer renowned the world over for BMW Car its advanced design,unmatched safety and state of the art engineering. The initials stand for Bavarian Motor Werks. Each BMW vehicle is synonymous for luxury, style, fuel efficiency and superior performance. Despite already being perfect with all their models, the manufacturers continue to rack brains and keep coming out with mind boggling innovations time after time year after year. Features like sound of the door lock or switching the cabin lights too become topics of research for them and end up spending time, money, efforts and earning the resultant craze of the elite populace of the city of Frisco, TX as well as any other city and state. It is a sizeable investment, perhaps after a home. The way you look after your home, to keep it in ship shape all the time, the same way most people need to give the same care, same attention to their BMW in Frisco, TX. Given that attention, your BMW will continue to serve as faithfully as possible.

A BMW is not just any car; hence you ought to look for quality repair and services in Frisco, TX. Quality repair and services means seasoned, knowledgeable, trained and courteous mechanic or repair shops. Your precious BMW deserves the best attention possible and therefore the best technicians and mechanics in Frisco, TX.

The repair shop should be equipped with thorough knowledge, equipment for diagnosis, tools for handling the millions of parts and sub parts that have things do with activation program, transmission flush, oil change, tune up, engine diagnostic, cooling system service, brake repair, fluid leak repair etc.

The repair shop that you have to look for is the one that stocks the best of brands of spares and best brands of fluids necessary to keep the engine – the heart of any car in conditions like new. A reputable workshop is what will assure the services and thus the peace of mind. Such a shop would boast of having dealt with many BMW customers – perhaps in thousands.

BMW Repair

You, your family, your work relies on your BMW entirely for all week in the scenario of bleak public transport systems. In other words what I am trying to stress here is that you must find a reliable and the best mechanic possible in Frisco TX. You and any member of your family cannot afford to be stranded in the event of a malfunctioning part of your BMW. Anything of that hassle and it can throw your entire day’s schedules out of gear – school, meeting, shopping and the lot. The loss can be great in terms of prestige as well as money. The best mechanic in Frisco TX is all the more valuable if your family happens to be having just one BMW in its possession.

With the technologies available today, many people owning a BMW, prefer to spend time looking for causes of the trouble they are having with their car online before heading to the trusted mechanic. It helps immensely in that the mechanic sees a knowledgeable customer and might prefer to deal even more professionally and thereby assure quality repairs and services. If you are in automobile engineering, your due diligence may not be accurate, but still helps in ensuring better service than otherwise.

If you do not have a preferred mechanic to go to, it helps profoundly to seek the inputs of at least two mechanics; more the better, if you have time. Their explanation of the problem, the causes and the estimated time and cost gives you a fair idea of who is more competent, reasonable, equipped with more knowledge and state of the art equipment to deal with the problem. For instance, you would sniff an ineffective input if you find two mechanics giving you two different inputs; if the third’s inputs match any one of the earlier two, you would know whom to avoid among the three.

You spot a good mechanic when he stresses on the need for regular maintenance. It is no rocket science to comprehend that regular maintenance is thousand times better than anything else. Some think that regular maintenance assures a steady income to the repair shops, indicating an element of selfishness, greed, livelihood; but no one denies on the merits of regular maintenance – it means you can plan your day, your weekends and your holidays without giving any thoughts to the condition of your BMW – it certainly allows you for a more meticulous planning.

A trustworthy and best BMW mechanic is one who, during the scheduled maintenance, runs diagnoses on the various parts of your BMW and isolates problems that are likely to raise its head in near future. She or he would put it up for your review and approval; when you see such levels of professionalism, you know you have hit the jackpot in terms of locating a trustworthy repair shop in Frisco, TX. This means you are going to save money and unwanted hassles until it is time for the next scheduled maintenance.

Henry Ford: The Father Of Auto Industry

Henry Ford was born to a farming family in Greenfield near Detroit, Michigan on 30th JulHenry Ford 1863. Since childhood he was a bit more curious than the rest of his age. He used to find fun in taking out the parts of watches belonging to his family and friends and put them back successfully. As has been customary, his father desired him to proceed with farming as he grew up. Although Henry Ford did not know where he would eventually land up, he was sure farming was not his cup of tea. At an early age of 16, he landed himself a job as a machinist in Detroit. Before moving on to Westinghouse, he tried returning to farming but his mind remained elsewhere. Later he joined Edison Illuminating Co. as an engineer. Once he had accumulated good money he began spending time in his interest. He experimented with engines and enjoyed success of having built a self-propelled vehicle; he went on to make improvements on the same.

In course of time he, with encouragements from Thomas Edison, created the Detroit Automobile Co. and began producing automobiles. Soon he realized that the quality was not good enough for the price of his products. Eventually he gave up. Not much later, with his success in racing a powerful 26 HP automobile in 1901, he found strong support from stockholders that led him to form a new automobile company; yet again luck ditched him and he was compelled to leave. Finally in 1903, he founded the Ford Motor Co. that we know of today. Here he was assisted by the Dodge brothers and a number of investors who posed confidence in him.

This is when he launched the popular Model T. His was the first automobile factory that paid higher wages and this resulted in doubling the workforce and opening of yet another plant. With the passage of time he continued to improve the quality and kept pulling down the prices. This was all due to his immense knowledge and interest in materials science and engineering. He used to exude great pride in the fact that his production plants had an effective research and development facilities in metallurgy and that it used vanadium steel alloys extensively in its products.

In 1925 Henry Ford stepped into production of luxury cars with the acquisition of the Lincoln Motor Co. He then left everything and focused completely to build vehicles for the defense services, which was around 1941. Grandson Henry Ford II took over after his death in 1947. The company kept on the pedals stuck to the floor and brought in more and more popular cars at competitive prices – Thunderbird and Mustang being the most sought after models during 50s and the 60s. On its acquisition spree, it had acquired Aston Martin, Jaguar, Volvo and Land Rover as well.

Thunderbird Mustang

At one point in time Henry Ford began taking great interest in automobile racing to the extent that he himself drove in such events. He spent plenty time and money designing and building the race cars. Sensing he was getting less time for the engineering of the race cars, he stopped driving and hired seasoned and professional sports drivers to take on the wheel of his cars. This was the time when the rules of the sport was evolving and thus the frequent changes in the rules began taking its toll on Henry Ford leading to frustration – to an extent that he gave up the hobby and withdrew completely. His contribution to the sport was significant one which later got him recognition and his name was eventually included in the Motorsports Hall of fame in 1996 with great fanfare.

In the course of his illustrious career, he happened to develop friendship with George Washington Carver. This was when he found charm in plastics. The raw material for plastic used to be various agriculture products; soybean was one of them. Henry Ford had used soybean based products for his cars rolled out in the 30s. His interest was so intense that in 1942 he produced an all plastic vehicle built on a tubular welded frame. He didn’t waste any time in having it patented too. This car was also engineered to run on ethanol and not gas and weighed only 70% of its steel compatriot. It was so strong that it could withstand blows that were 10 times greater than the steel ones. It however remains a mystery why it did not catch the fancy of the public then.

Henry Ford said “Whether You Believe You Can, Or You Can’t, You Are Right“. This is what he showed to all of us – grit. Therefore we must always believe in ourselves. It can be amazing what each of us can achieve if we carry the courage required to do so.

How To Keep Your Audi In Top Condition And Thus Command a Reasonable Resale Value in Hermosa Beach

With the motto of “The Best Little Beach City”, Hermosa Beach lies in the state of California and Los Angeles County, USA. Founded in 1907, the beachfront city is spread over close to one and half square miles – 15 blocks from east to west and 40 blocks north to south.

Hermosa Beach

Your Audi can be taken to any of around 7 workshops in Hermosa Beach for repairs and services. And if you live or work around Manhattan Beach or Redondo Beach, you have the option of close to a dozen workshops you can seek to undertake repairs at.

Why people prefer Audi?

People of Hermosa Beach find great pride in their Audi. It commands looks of honor as well as envy. Once you are an owner of an Audi, Audi Car you may not like to change the brand. Many consider it as an extension of themselves. With great combination of horsepower, torque, valves and an impressive compression ratio, it can give you up to 22 miles to a gallon and 32 on the highway.

Features Available in Audi :

With the superior engineering in the front and rear suspensions, it promises a ride like no other – accommodating up to 5 passengers. For the safety, it has two airbags providing protection to both the passengers in front. It comes equipped with anti theft device. Quite a few of the Audi cars come with 4 wheel drive, slip differential and stability controls for all time safety. Cruise control, tilt and telescopic steering abilities come as standard features in most.

With so many interesting features and the price, one must spend time, efforts and money it keep it shining, bright and performing at top levels and thus not ditching at times of urgency and pleasure. Regular maintenance works wonders with your Audi in Hermosa Beach. It promises great performance at lesser cost compared to irregular servicing and carrying out repairs more often than servicing.

It makes a lot of sense in researching the repair workshops in your vicinity. Audi is a European car – very different the way Japanese or American cars are built. What this means is that it may not be good to go to a workshop that mostly deals with Japanese or American cars.

What makes you worry & what to do?

When you locate something not the same, it is advisable to take it for an inspection without delay. Your mechanic in Hermosa Beach could offer solution in two ways. One – replace the faulty part and two – have it repaired. Now both have pros and cons that you cannot escape consideration of. As long as replacements are done with original parts, you can relax. On the other hand replacements can be more expensive than repairs to the same part. Repairing the same part, you draw comfort from the fact that the parts remain original.

It is important for both – the workshop as well as customer – to build relations that are mutually beneficial for both. That way customer is assured that the mechanic will not substitute a defective original part with an aftermarket part. Such actions could increase the wear and tear of the parts that work in tandem with the replaced one.

The advantage from an original part is supreme for the health of your Audi. Although it may sound expensive but this increases the life of the car immensely, you get the performance that you deserve and the rate of wear and tear diminishes comparably. Secondly if you were to replace your car with a new one, you can command a higher price. Keeping the repair and service records help you assure whom you are selling that the price you are asking is for having maintained it in top condition; the buyer thus is assured of the quality and possibly pays you what you demand.

Things that a Audi mechanic must know & acquainted with :

Audi employs of a lot of computer programs and electronics in its various vehicles. Thus your mechanic is the one who while repairing something does not damage these highly complex systems. At the same time your mechanic must have adequate and up to date training to deal with problems in such hi-tech systems. It also requires the workshop to be equipped with state of the art machines to run the diagnostics so he can pinpoint the problem and carry out precise repairs; this saves from unnecessary tinkering around without a clue and the job gets in good time.

Steps to consider when choosing a repair center :

Audi Repair Center

When looking for a competent workshop, you ought to be careful of comments from customers indicating that they saved $$$$ at a certain workshop and have to choose a best Audi repair center. What is not clear here is how did this guy managed to provide repairs at such low costs.

To that effect it is best to weigh the pros and cons of repairing your Audi at independent workshops versus authorized workshops. Invariably you would find the costs at authorized shops higher than the rest. But visiting the two places would explain the reasons for the difference.

So do the necessary due diligence, be a savvy Audi owner in Hermosa Beach and target to save smartly and keep the resale value high with a trustworthy, reliable, knowledgeable and reasonable workshop at your disposal.

Lemon Law: Every Car Owner In Houston, TX Should Know

Living in Houston, TX? And own a BMW? Or you have just bought your dream machine in a brand new BMW vehicle? Well then, are you also aware of the Lemon Law? No? Well, I must say you should be – to obtain the worth of your hard earned and equally ambitiously spent one.

You have bought (or say leased) this vehicle – a brand new BMW, obviously to serve a purpose. In course of time it fails to serve the purpose on account of a defect; the defect is a concern that raises a question on the safety of the occupants of the vehicle and those on the road; the defect impairs the resale value. The dealer has attended to the defect not once but twice (or thrice) and has done what they could. Yet your problem remains as it was initially. This is where the Texas Lemon Law comes to your relief.

Purpose of Lemon Law :

The purpose therefore of the Lemon Law in Houston TX, is to protect vehicle owners from sufferings caused by chronic flaws in your new car. It intends to compensate for your sufferings in the shape money or replacements.

The filing of a Lemon Law complaint involves a fee of $35.

One must ensure that he qualifies for filing the complaint else he can end up wasting his money and time. The Four Times Test, the Serious Safety Hazard Test and the 30 Day Test assist you assess if you qualify and assures your case to be watertight and the chances of winning becomes substantially higher.

Against which the Texas Lemon Law complaints filled :

Lemon Law complaints in Houston, TX can be filed for Cars, trucks, motorcycles, motor homes, boats, RVs and ATVs. Demonstrator vehicles also qualify for complaint and relief. In order to file Lemon Law complaints against defects in travel trailers, it is required that they are registered in Texas.

                                    Lemon Law, on certain conditions is applicable to used vehicles too. For instance, the used vehicle has an effective and unexpired warranty in effect; you can sure enjoy the benefits of the Lemon Law. Not only that, if the defect in your used vehicle was reported, attended to during the warranty (by the old owner of course) and still exists, you still qualify to take your fight ahead.

If you decide to seek competent service, and thereby improve your chances of a fair compensation, you may then seek it from many lawyers in Houston, TX, who specialize in all aspects that relate to vehicles. Lemon lawyers can assist you with car buyer protection planning, warranties from among a variety of options. It is crucial for you to hire a lawyer who has spent a good time and has helped win clients with their rights against vehicle manufacturers and vehicle dealer outlets and have a number of examples of getting them refunds or replacements.

Considering points to choose a best repair center for your BMW :

Houston boasts of up to a dozen authorized dealerships that deal with BMW vehicles if you prefer them over the independent repair shops. Apart from the authorized dealerships, you have the option of choosing a best BMW repair center from over a hundred outlets that claim to be experts with any BMW.

BMW Repair Center

                                    All a wise BMW owner would wish for is that his baby is looked after by trained, knowledgeable and skilled technicians at a reasonable price. Unfortunately nothing comes for free. You are still required to shop for the best place that you can trust and your pocket loves. All the dealership outlets claim to get you the moon because they are the chosen ones. Chosen and trained by the manufacturers. While many of the customers are happy and satisfied, fact remains that many of the customers are a disgruntled lot with their experience. Yet again you are bound to find BMW owners returning to the dealers after a sour experience at the independent repair outlets. So I repeat, in other words, it is not easy and change is inevitable.

                                    One way to get great references without spending much time is – on your desk, over the internet. Going through the online reviews and references would help you make up your mind as to whom you want to test out. You would find diehard fans of certain independent repair shops claiming superior workmanship. What you need to factor in is the maturity levels and knowledge levels of the person whose review you are considering. You may not get to know what strata of the society he comes from, what are his preferences – do any of these matches with yours?

                                    There are many who get bowled over by the demonstration of courtesy, mannerisms, hospitality and there are many who seriously consider the workmanship, the training, the knowledge and above all – the ability to win the confidence of the customer with adequate explanation of the problem, possible solutions and estimates of time and money. No frills business, you might say!