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Posted On: January 2nd, 2017    To  Auto Info

Future Car

Demands and expectations of the users from an automobile industry are always at height. This leads to a regular phase by phase innovation in cars from time to time. If you compare the cars of early 50’s-90’s and the present ones, you will mark out tremendous changes in its technology. Similarly, the cars at present will also renovate and have features that our following generations will enjoy. Let’s have a look into the future car technologies.

Vehicle Access with Bio-metric

Starting from the early time till present we have witnessed entry into and start of a car with keys and then without keys. You will be surprised to know that this technology will be followed by entry and start with a key-fob-less feature. Using your fingerprint or your eyeball, you will be able to start and unlock your car. Sounds interesting! This will be more helpful to save your car being stolen.

Active Window Displays

HUD(Head-Up-Display) technology has flowed down from the dim period about 20 years ago when some cars projected their windshields. As efficient as the HUD in 2016, you will be coming across active glasses that can display vibrant images. Just think of a navigating system, which on approaching near the turn will highlight or expose it.

Body Panels will be Re-configurable

While the sale of a truck is growing, the demand for small SUV type vehicle is also increasing. Can you imagine of having both the vehicle kinds in one car? Yes, it’s possible and is going to be there in 2020. Then, apart from a lightweight body panel, you will have an SUV with latest motors retracting the roof and the side glasses to the lower body panel. I wish I could move to 2020 in time machine to experience this unique 2 in 1 SUV+truck vehicle.

Active Health Monitoring

The Ford motors have foreseen this technology. As per this idea, most of the vital statistics will be tracked down by the steering wheel or seat belt sensors. This rapid advancement denotes that cars can have a wireless pairing with these devices (like phone). Merging it with the basic autonomous technology, here you get a car that can detect a heart attack in you and call paramedics for you.

Personalized/Smart In-Car Marketing

As per your behavior, you are already getting G-mail, Facebook, Twitter Ads. By 2020 your car will be completely accessed by the internet letting the marketers customize their message with an efficient metrics set. Although this will execute as an opt-in-future but the maximum of personalized location – based messages will be displayed on your car’s display.

Remote Vehicle Shutdown

Onstar already has this technology incorporated in it. This technology has enabled the telematics department to shut down the stolen cars releasing the burden on police. This remote vehicle shutdown system will enter the social market reducing the car theft news that you are getting now.

Communications between Cars and the Road

Research is in progress to invent Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) technologies allowing cars to communicate with them and other objects on the road. This will work in the following manner. Suppose, there is a turn and you are unaware of another car coming from the other side of the turn. At that point your car will get a signal from the other car and you will be warned of the possible collision, hence being saved from an accident. Cars under this technology use wireless signals to exchange info regarding the speed, distance, location, and direction among themselves. This also will keep you informed about the safe gap to be maintained between each other.

Air bags will stop the Car

Airbags have made way into our vehicles since a long time like the curtain air bags, seat airbags, knee airbags, seat belt airbags, etc. If not all cars but most of them have. 2020 is going to show some advancements in this field. Mercedes company is transforming the way these are used now and in 2020 these airbags with sensors will stop the car before a crash. The friction coating over these bags will reduce the car’s pace and enhance the stopping power by two times. During hard braking, these bags raise the car to 8 cm height balancing its dipping motion. During collision it prevents passengers from sliding under the seat belt and upgrades the bumper-to-bumper contact.

Body Panels being Energy Storage

A group of some auto manufacturers is making research to develop body panels that will store energy and charge faster. These body panels are being tested to be made up of carbon resin and polymer fiber that are flexible enough to be molded into panels and are quite sturdy to be used in vehicles. Apart from storing energy, these body panels will make a car lighter by 15%. These panels will collect energy emitted from the regenerative breaks or when the car is plugged in for the whole night and supply the same energy to the car when required. Some other car manufacturers are also working on this innovation but with a step ahead. They are planning to make the panel absorb the solar energy and store it. These cars will not only save the environment but also your add some to your extra savings.

No Touch in BMW

Like some gestures are used to operate some smartphones without touching it, air touch screen also incorporates such use. It also responds to the gestures made. The sensors in response to your hand movements will activate the wide panoramic display.

Final Words

These are some of the innovations in store for future cars. There are lot more researches going on to bring upon worthy modifications in cars. You can observe that these innovations that are being made or are in the process generally focus on the safety purpose (may be the safety of car or safety of the passengers) either directly or indirectly. The other causes behind these innovations are entertainment, uniqueness or usefulness. These innovations are going to completely revolutionize not only the automobile kingdom but also the road transportation of human too. So, guys! get ready to enjoy the pioneered automobiles in a couple of years.

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