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Posted On: June 1st, 2016    To  Auto Info

To take you from A to B is your car’s primary duty but to make it capable of travelling you from A to B is your primary duty. And to accomplish your duty properly, the car owner’s manual needs to have a thorough look from you rather than tasting dust particles in the glove compartment.

The manual book is not that interesting as any film magazine or story book but contains the important information on car safety, operation and maintenance. So it’s like the dictionary of your car where everything you would get to know starting from keeping your key in the ignition to the end of your destination.

Here are the reasons why an owner’s manual is a must read before getting behind the wheel.

#1 You Don’t Know About Every Feature of Your Car

  • Most of the modern cars manufacturing today are often equipped with some latest unknown features (mostly the safety features) due to the technological advancements and of course to stand tall in the crowd.
  • So before riding, keep sound knowledge about every feature that your car have and lead a safe & comfortable journey.
  • It’s worth a read of your manual as it clearly deciphers the features exist in your car along with its working procedure, its importance and maintenance tips.

#2 Warning Signs on The Dashboard are Important

  • Most probably only a few car owners out there who are Car Dashboard capable of decoding the various warning signs displayed on the dashboard if anything goes wrong in the car.
  • But these are very much important and could bring catastrophe if something serious happens to your car but you continuously ignore the warning signs.
  • Follow the manual to easily interpret these signals and take the right step at the earliest.

#3 Maintenance Tips for Your Car

  • This one is crucial. Though cars are the non-living things but it requires the same standard of treatment as the living animals to make them healthy till you resale it.
  • Some riders even don’t know the right time interval and procedure for oil change, tire tread checkup, rotating the tires, changing air filter, spark plug replacement, checking the brake, belt and battery etc.
  • All these things are mandatory to be taken care of and the detailed information about your own car maintenance is only available in your car manual book. So go through the book once and thoroughly educate yourself.

#4 Know Your Car’s Warranty

  • You’ll get to know the exact detailed description of your car warranty like the validity of the warranty, road side assistance program and the services included it along with their contact info everything from the manual.
  • Not all parts of your car are covered with equal period, it varies. Another benefit from the manual is to know what you shouldn’t do with your car that may void the warranty.
  • Check the manual properly before agreeing with the quote given by the mechanic to repair a faulty part. Because it may be covered under warranty period and if you pay for it unknowingly, you’ll be a looser for sure.

#5 Settings need to be changed

  • Modern cars are coming with so many advanced features which can be controlled by you the way you want. But as you’re novice to your new car, you need to learn how to modify these settings from the manual book.
  • It may be messy later, if you do it by yourself without knowing anything or without following the manual.
  • Alarms, light setting, keyless entry, navigation system, audio system, reminder setting etc. need to be modified correctly for a risky-free drive ahead.

#6 Tips to Drive Better

  • Maneuvering may be same for every car but to drive your current car, you need to adjust your mindset according to the current car’s specifications.
  • It explains every problem bit by bit like a trainer that arises while driving and gives tips to drive better.
  • As the book written by the manufacturers who’ve built the car, they have better knowledge than us & it’s good to follow their instruction no matter how much experienced you are.

#7 Know About Your Spare Tire

  • If you are driving on highway and suddenly you feel the need of a spare tire due to the event of a blowout. And it’ll be a funny situation there if you keep on searching the tire on the middle of the road in an adverse weather condition.
  • So I think it will not be a waste of time if you go through the instruction manual once to know all the details about the spare tire.
  • You’ll get to know how long you can drive with a spare tire & what should be the ideal pressure in it.

Car DIY Repair

#8 Learn How to Tackle Common Problems

  • Just think how you will feel if you get stranded in a sketchy area due to some common issues in your car. It’s an unpleasant situation where your heart will beat faster and even faster! Isn’t it?
  • So why to take risk? When there is something life savior kept at the nearest possible distance from you.
  • Yes, it’s the car manual. Learn all the basic DIY tips from it like how to replace air filter, spark plug, and how to jumpstart your car, how to change the flat tire etc. to tackle common problems and get going.

Final words

If driving is a religion, then owner’s manual is its holy book. Likewise most people never read their religion’s holy book, the same happen with this holy book i.e. the car owner’s manual. Not much difference in these two books and their themes are alike.

However, the above reasons are only the tips of the iceberg. There are other several reasons to read owner’s manual. So it’s better to mystify these demystified car theories today from the mint-conditioned manual book and lead a better and safe driving life ahead.

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  1. Jerrod Hyde says:

    Till the time we don’t experience something, we never understand all about that and it is natural. Whether it is a cell phone or a car, the same principle is applicable to all. Having a new car reveals that you must go through the user manual first and the service center also suggest the same. I agree, we never know all about the feature of a car that is why we need to have a look on the owner’s manual. However, we can also find some tips to maintain our car even better. Also we need to know about the warning signs so I think it is a good habit to go through the user manual first.

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