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Posted On: May 24th, 2016    To  Car Accident

You might be driving your car for a period of 20 years or more than that without any single minor accident but you can’t give guarantee that the same will continue. Pardon me! Knock on wood, it continues!

Well, car accidents do happen in a very frequent manner. You can’t deny that. Some termed as major and some as minor. But most of the accidents are fender-benders. It’s inevitable unless we are alerted to the road and other vehicle’s signals each and every second of our driving time.

Car Accident

Know the below basic steps you should do to deal with the aftermath of road crash heartbreaks if you ever involve with an accident in future.


Always Stop at That Spot

  • It’s an offence according to the Road Traffic Act if you don’t stop at the accident site unless it is appropriate to do so.
  • Turn on your car’s indicator light, hazard light, head light or use road flares to warn other drivers.
  • Try to remain calm and don’t be panic at all after the incident, so that you can take the right decision there and can save lives.

Call Emergency Services

  • Check if you and all your co-passengers are well or not? If anyone is injured call 911 and wait for emergency medical help to arrive.
  • It’s important to ask for police personnel to come even if the accident is a minor one, so that there will be no dispute among the two sides.
  • Tell the exact thing to the police whatever happened without speculating anything. Also you may need a police report to claim your insurance cover.

Exchange Information

  • In order to speed up your insurance claiming process & avoid future hassle you need to exchange information with other crash involved parties.
  • Gather as much information as you can from other drivers like their name, address, contact numbers, driving license details, car insurance details, vehicle registration number along with their car’s make, model and color & also share your details to others.
  • Also it’s good to note down the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of passengers and witnesses.

Take Pictures

  • Take some vivid pictures of that incident from different angles using your phone camera. It will be very much helpful for you while claiming for insurance recovery and at the time of facing legal proceedings, if any arises.
  • Take the photographs in such a way that the damage parts should be clearly visible.
  • The photographs should include any injury or bloodsheds if happened, vehicle debris, weather condition, traffic signals, skid marks, broken glass and finally take all the persons who were involved in that crash.

Inform Your Insurer

  • Inform your insurance company immediately after the crash, Accident Report hence they can assess your damage at the scene and will lead you towards further process to claim for compensation.
  • Tell them the right story about what happened without any guesses or lies. Lies could land you in much trouble. Also show them your injuries or wounds, if any.
  • You can claim for a first party or third party insurance cover according to the type of accident you faced.

Not to Do

Don’t say anyone it’s your fault

  • Never ever say anyone that you are responsible for the accident, even if you believe that it’s your fault.
  • Be polite but don’t involve in any arguments or apologize as these exact words could be used against you by the opponent side.

Don’t agree to give recorded statement to your insurance company

  • Don’t give any information to your insurance company with recorded or written form. Also don’t sign any document.
  • Hire an attorney before agreeing to a settlement proposal from your insurer. You might get a better offer from them and usually it happens.

Don’t Move The Injured Person

  • Don’t move the person who is injured; wait for the medical facility to arrive.
  • You may aggravate that injury by doing such. However, move the person instantly from there if you see the car is on fire or some other vehicles coming at a high speed.

Injured Person

Don’t Move the Vehicle

  • Don’t move the vehicle unless it’s required by the law. So that the police personnel could realize the exact point & cause of accident and document it for further legal proceedings.
  • However, if it’s only a very minor accident without any injury, then you may move the vehicle to a safe place, so that the traffic will not be blocked.

Final Words

Car accidents often land us in a traumatic and stressful situation. But the right decision at the right time can save both our life and money. Follow the above dos and don’ts to keep you calm in this trying period and don’t forget to seek for complete health checkup immediately.

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  1. Harry Brown says:

    Appearing an accident makes everyone blank and it is difficult enough to tackle the situation. I was pretty interested to know about what exactly I need to do when such situation arises. Well, my search ended here. I really like your guidance. Following these things are the most necessary. Also we need to keep track of few things that we should not do. Quite helpful lines!


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