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Posted On: February 13th, 2016    To  Driving Tips

Wishing to see 100 mph on your odometer of your car for the first time of your driving? Then you are undoubtedly a teenager. Better drive out this horrible witch from your mind otherwise serious consequences will knock at your door. Though there is varying age limit for getting driving license in different states, but most of us keep our foot on the clutch before that, while forgetting our age. Everything becomes exciting and destroys our night sleep while daydreaming of driving your dream car for the first time. Admit it. It happens with everyone whoever coming under this age group.

Teenage Driver

Teens are always having enthusiasm of driving the car fast without knowing the safety measures. Hence the teenage road accidents take a shockingly high percentage of the accident pie chart every year. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers across the United States, even more than deaths from homicide and suicide combined. Also teenagers have the highest average annual crash and traffic violation rates than any other age group.

So have a look at the below top 8 tips that will definitely help you in the future before getting behind the wheel!

#1- Seat belts: Always buckle up!

  • Everyday many people get penalized for not wearing the seatbelt despite numerous advertisements in the TV and signboards. Don’t take it as a law every time rather as a tip to save your life. This is the one tip that will enable you to know the difference between a couple of scratches in your body and death.
  • Seat belts play an important role in reducing the severity of injuries you might sustain in an accident. They prevent you from being thrown through the windshield and hurled completely out of the vehicle.
  • Make it a habit not to start your vehicle until you have not fastened your seatbelt, because it only takes some mere seconds to buckle up. Ask other passengers of your vehicle to fasten their seatbelt too. Until everyone buckled up, don’t ever think about to start your vehicle otherwise get ready for the consequences.

#2- Speed limit: Obey it!

  • Not obeying the speed limit is a major reason for motor crash in the teenagers because they start to drive in the heavy traffic and unknown roads recklessly. About one third of traffic deaths causes due to excessive speed.
  • You would not have the control in your hand if you face with an obstacle suddenly such as a child or animal running into the middle of the road. By driving the legal speed limit you give yourself the most time to react in these emergency situations. Importance of your live is much more than to reach quickly in your destination.
  • Most of the people occasionally speed their vehicle but teenagers have that level of excitement to drive at an excessive speed aggressively. One thing you should always remember that “speed kills”.

#3- Driving with intoxication: Absolutely not!

  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol is surely a deadly combination. The human brain has to deal with many things and processes countless data all the time. Alcohol affects attentiveness and one’s ability to make quick decisions on the road.
  • Teens often enjoy drinking or having drugs and trying their hands at driving. So their car crash risk is significantly higher due to the alcohol effects combined with their inexperience driving.
  • Putting keys in the ignition and driving away after drinking not only risks your life but also risks the lives of all those you come across the road. However, even small amount of alcohol can affect your concentration on the road. So think hundred times before falling prey to drink and drive type of accident.

Driving Guide For Teenage Drivers

#4- Unfavorable weather? Check it

  • Due to little experience, teens face enough trouble in the normal weather conditions and it gets double when they drive in the inclement weather. So always check the weather before you move outside from your home with your car. If you feel that you can try your luck in this poor driving conditions and it is manageable then only go for it. And if you are in the middle of the road and unfavorable weather condition suddenly appears during your commutation, then make sure that
    •      your car headlights are on.
    •      you have enough following distance.
    •      you drive and put breaks slowly.
    •      Both of your windshield wipers in your car are working.

#5- Driving solo? Best decision!

  • Statistics on teenage driving reveals that that road crash rates increase by 50% with just one teen passenger in the car and by adding additional teen passengers causes the risk to escalate by 400%. Many states in The US restrict the number of teens traveling in one car.
  • It’s damn natural that you always want to drive with the company of your friends, but that leads to dangerous nightmare. The extra passengers often cause the teens driving more aggressively. The distractions of carrying too many passengers can have serious consequences like brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, back injuries or even lead to death.

#6- Time to choose your car: Make the right choice

  • When it comes to choosing your car as a teenager, remember not to choose a powerful, high-performance car, as it’s too easy to lose control of these vehicles for an inexperienced driver.
  • Avoid cars with high horse power as it might encourage driving more than the legal speed. Sport utility vehicles (SUVs) should also be avoided; because these vehicles are having a higher center of gravity and they are more prone to roll over. The higher a car’s center of gravity, the more likely it is to tip over during a high-speed turn.
  • You should always opt for that car which is easy to drive, having latest safety features, and a bold crash safety record as it would offer the best protection from fatal crashes. Avoid small cars as small cars don’t offer the best protection in a crash.

#7- Cellphones and driving: A dangerous combination

  • Talking over the cell phone or texting is not that cool Distracted Driving idea while driving. This leads to distract your mind and distracted driving is a terrible and growing threat to road safety. It is now evident that if you are using a cell phone may it be hand-held or hands-free phones while driving means you are approximately four times more vulnerable to vehicle crash than a driver who is not using.
  • So it’s best to either completely switch off the phone or if it is something urgent that you might get an important call, you can put it somewhere in the car in the silent mode where you absolutely don’t have the range to get it .Then only you will not be tempted to look or use it.

#8- Driving at night: Be alert!

  • Driving at night is the most dangerous time to drive irrespective of the weather condition. Most fatal crashes among the teenage drivers occur between 9 p.m. and midnight. While driving at night your visibility is decreased extensively as we rely on the artificial lights like our headlights and street lights.
  • Night driving is highly risky for inexperienced teenagers as they are more likely to encounter drunk or tired drivers in the road at night time. Many states have restricted the teenage driving policy. Teens always need to remember that driving in the night is more dangerous than driving in the daytime. So try to schedule your program in the day time as far as possible.

Last but not the least

Nobody knows what will happen in the next second of your life. You are a teenager that does not mean that you will always do mistakes. Experienced people also make mistake while getting behind the wheel. But the wisdom of driving experience they acquired since several years is the factor what created them today as a more responsible driver than a teenager. I don’t say that these tips will save you from fatal crashes directly but will make you a sensible driver in future that will prevent you to commit these mistakes and can act as the life insurance for the rest of your life with absolutely “zero” investment!

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  1. Alex Woods says:

    I agree most of the car crashes happening these days are from teenage group drivers. Of course, it is exciting to drive at an early age but some consciousness is also needed. Parents can only make their child understand how to drive safely. These 8 points are the most vital reasons of accidents hence these things need to keep in mind while driving. A moment of recklessness can cost your life. I like this post. Such information need to spread everywhere so that teen death numbers can be reduced.

    • autoadmin says:

      Thanks for your honest & heartiest feedback, Alex. We have presented this info with only aim to save teens and reduce some crashes. I’m glad you like it.

  2. Daniel Layfield says:

    Necessary tips to be followed by the teens. We all know these things but we never follow them and take it calmly, this is where we go wrong. Seat belt is the primary one but we avoid it when we move shorter distance. Cellphones! It is at the top of distraction list; we need to avoid it. From the graph above it seems like the teen death number has been reduced from the last successive years, still more consciousness needed.

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