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There are a lot of features everybody demand for while buying a complete new or used car, like body style, transmission, color, mileage etc. But sadly most of us hardly care about the safety features in a car which is the most important factor for the safety of our own lives as well as others. Ridiculously, it is only remembered when we are in a danger situation on the road.

As the no. of car is increasing on the road day by day, it is more prone to accident. So while choosing a car, you must seek the following safety features which are worth the extra money you are paying for the features.

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#1. Seat belts:

  • Seat belt, also known as safety belt is arguably the best and primary safety feature in our car because it secures the driver as well as the front passenger against both normal sudden stop and heavy collision.
  • When collision occurs, Seat belt protects the occupants from being thrown through the windshield and hurled completely out of the vehicle.
  • Modern car’s safety belts have got the pretensioners that tighten and reduce slack in seat belts in order to protect.
  • While buying car, check it whether it is fit and comfortable for you or not?

#2. Air Bags:

  • Air Bags shorten the chances of sudden death and injuries significantly in the event of crash. In recent years, frontal Air Bags have become standard safety fixture in all the vehicles and it gives additional safety for the person wearing seat belt.
  • Air Bags respond and started to inflate (then instantly deflate) in less than a millisecond at that very moment when the collision detecting sensors detects a heavy impact.
  • The inflated Air Bag prevents the occupants from being hit in the steering wheel, dashboard and windshield.
  • To provide maximum safety, modern cars are equipped with different types of airbags as an option such as
    • Frontal Air Bags
    • Side Air Bags
    • Curtain Air Bags
    • Knee Airbags
  • Never put a rear-facing child seat in the front seat of your car with active frontal passenger airbag because that turns fatal for your child in the crash time.

#3. Anti-lock Brakes:

  • Anti-lock braking system is an advanced safety feature equipped in most of the modern cars that helps to prevent the car wheel from locking up whenever the driver slams the brake suddenly in an emergency situation to evade the obstacle.
  • It helps the driver to change the car’s direction and steer away from obstacle at that time.
  • This system also provides better steering control at the time of braking even on rough or wet surfaces.
  • If you choose a car without ABS, the wheels get locked and cause the vehicle to skid in this situation of sudden braking.

#4. Reversing camera:

  • A reversing camera also called as backup camera that is Blind Spot attached in the rear side of the car to help the driver in backing up efficiently and easily.
  • It extensively eliminates the blind spot and is especially designed to protect from backup collision.
  • Easy to use as the video display mostly located in the dashboard.
  • Mostly helpful for the people who have limited space to move their car which is too difficult to reverse.

#5. Parking sensors:

  • Parking sensors are there in the car to alert the driver if it senses any type of obstacles while parking.
  • These are the proximity sensors which use either electromagnetic or ultrasonic sensors.
  • Electromagnetic sensors create an electromagnetic field around the car, which detects any harm that enters this field. This is expensive than ultrasonic sensors.
  • Ultrasonic parking sensors make use of sound waves to detect objects around the car. The sensor produces a beeping signal, which gets louder as the car get closer to objects.

#6. Adaptive cruise control:

  • Adaptive cruise control also known as active cruise control uses radars or lasers to detect the distance and speed of the vehicle ahead and automatically maintains a safe following distance.
  • If the system detects a sudden collision, then it will break hard and tightens the seatbelts efficiently.
  • This is a must-have feature for the long-distance travelers.
  • More advanced systems helps the driver by minimizing his effort from continuous watch and steer during the heavy traffic places by self-accelerating and decelerating.

#7. Traction control:

  • Traction control is an electronically controlled system which improves your car’s stability by limiting the wheel spin when you apply excess power.
  • The system measures wheel rotational speed at the time of acceleration and automatically reduce the engine power or somehow by applying brakes to that wheel.
  • So it lets the car accelerate smoothly even on poor off-road conditions such as slippery, wet, snowy or poorly-maintained roads.
  • Mainly this system is implemented on four-wheel transmission vehicles or other modern vehicles.

#8. Electronic stability control

  • ESC or Electronic Stability Control is offered in different name in different makes.
  • It is highly responsible in saving the passengers as it helps the driver in maintaining control of their vehicles during over-steering.
  • It shortens the danger of skidding and losing control from the vehicle in a great extent.
  • ESC operates through a no. of sensors that detect any loss of control and automatically apply the brake to retrieve the wheel from unintended path.

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Final words

Manufacturers are now putting safety features in their cars as the top-most priority. You must look for the above safety features if and only if you are financially strong enough to pay for the extra money these safety features require. Because above all our own mind is the biggest safety feature inbuilt within us.

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  1. Nash Gilliam says:

    I agree, safety features are the most important that one should look for when buying a car. It’s a good article focusing all the necessary vehicle safety features. These things need to be inquired well before planning to buy a car. The design, look etc. are the secondary thing but we must stay conscious for our safety. Good post!

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