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Posted On: October 29th, 2015    To  Auto Info, Car Parts

Say you’re en route to an important meeting at office in the busy New York City traffic and you have only 5 minutes left for the same and you are busy changing your car gears again and again yet again in the traffic.

Such an irritating stuff. Isn’t it?

But what if you don’t have to change your gears again & again? Yes, that can be possible with an automatic transmission car. Let your car be driven by itself with a flawless speed laughing at the bumper-to-bumper, stop-n-go traffic.

Automatic Transmission

Stick-Shift realities

Before you have keys of your beloved car in your hand you have to make a lot of decisions; may it be the body style, color, engine type or transmission. You go on researching all the options, your car should have and always look for the better option. Likewise coming to transmission style, you always have the question mark in your mind, whether to go for manual or automatic transmission? What will be your personal preference?

Beyond all reasonable argument, the manual gearbox will be an obsolete one soon and the automatic gearbox is gaining popularity. Yes, it is true because the percentage of manual or stick-shift transmission car buyers is gradually decreasing. Though there is craze among the youth for the manual transmission but ironically the trend is going to lose its ground soon.

From sources, it was revealed that about 25.03 million cars and light vehicles produced worldwide in 2010 were of automatic transmission type and it is predicted that the number will increase to about 28.65 million till the end of 2015. Not now but gradually car makers will stop making manual transmission type cars. Even some of the driving schools in USA has stopped offering training for the stick shift lovers and claiming that its safer for an amateur to learn in an automated car.

The next generation wants everything absolutely instant and the automated one is pretty easy for them to learn instantly than the standard gearboxes. Surely why should they bother about how to drive manual transmission cars and hitting the gear stick again and again.

Also as dealers are generating few sales in manual transmission, they are now busy keeping more automatic cars than before as they are being affected by the changing trend.

Driving habits are getting changed day by day. In today’s world the driver doesn’t want to be engaged fully all the time while driving. Luxury sports car makers like Ferrari and Lamborghini are no longer providing the option for manual transmission.

Facts why automatic transmission is getting popular:

  • If you want to impress your girlfriend or you want to have fun over a race, then drive a manual one. Surely it will give you the so called feeling of vehicle control. Though the automatic transmission won’t give you the same, it is quite easy to learn if you’re a beginner.
  • Though shifting gears and working a clutch is not like climbing a mountain, still it requires enough practice before having a comfortable ride and one must know how to use each of limbs independently so that it will be smoother for the driver to control a manual transmission vehicle. If you compare, automatic transmissions are way simpler and take significantly less amount of time to make the wheel move.
  • If you have habit of texting, gossiping with fellow passengers while driving, then surely automatic one will somewhat understand your emotion. Also when you are going up the hill or much stop-go traffic then you will not have to bother about the gears. Stress rate will be more if you are constantly switching the gears. If shift driving is creating distraction then its better go for an automatic. It requires less thinking than driving stick shift.
  • Automatic cars have much resale value than the manual because it is getting popular and more demanding. Naturally more & more people are opting for automatic transmission.
  • Over the last several decades, the demand for cars with automatic transmissions are way ahead than manual transmissions. This keeps on enforcing the car manufacturers to make more automatics than manuals to meet the demand.
  • Automatic transmissions are more powerful and accurate. They are superior in terms of the power and they provide accurate shift between gears.

But there are also some flaws in automatic transmission over stick shift and surely we cannot ignore them.

  • Mostly a certain model of a car with automatic transmission costs significantly higher than the same model with a manual transmission. Also automatic transmissions have higher maintenance cost than manual.
  • Automatics have less gas mileage as their engines are more complex. But in the present-day car manufacturers have moved over this problem by designing automatic transmissions with higher gas mileage.
  • In automatic transmission, you cannot have complete control over the vehicle. It doesn’t offer best gear like manual according to the situation.

So manual or automatic? What’s the conclusion?

People usually tilt towards automatic transmission vehicles Manual Vs. Automatic Transmission because of the simplicity and smoothness. Each one is better than the other until the end of time if you keep on arguing and comparing. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference whether you like to shift to “D” and just ride or switching the gears again and again.

Driving manually has become a lost art among this new generation and is going on the way of the Dodo. Today more and more car companies are realizing the need of presenting an auto option in their cars. If you don’t want to be a victim of not knowing banging through the gears in a stick shift car, fasten your seat belt today because they’re looking to be rare soon.

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  1. Rozer Rivera says:

    I agree automatic transmission has been widely accepted by car users. So these are the facts why it is getting popular. Anyone after reading these benefits would definitely choose auto transmission over manual. However, it’s having few flaws but I think they are manageable. I really got something valuable from your article.

    • autoadmin says:

      Hello Rozer. Glad that you found it valuable and understand what exactly the benefits are. Do visit our site for more updates.

  2. Travis Simmons says:

    Nice figure here! Majority of car users already have switched to auto transmission system and once you’ll get acquainted with it, you’ll never seek for the older one. I think the merits or facts mentioned about it will make the readers think twice before choosing the transmission type. Yours is one of the best blogs I have ever read on transmission system. Thanks for your acknowledgement.

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