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Audi is a great car. It is a style statement, it is known around the globe for its powerful performance, superior engineering and high ride quality. Owning an Audi gives you pride and status. Have you ever wondered the background of the Audi emblem? Well you sure see four rings, side by side, interlocked. This symbol has been enchanting car enthusiasts since the early 20th century – a symbol that indicates progressive engineering. The four rings actually signify four motor car manufacturers – namely Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer. These gentlemen joined hands in 1932 to build what we know as Audi AG today, synonymous for its undying pursuit of innovation.

Audi Maintenance

Well you are certainly taking proper care of Audi regularly following the scheduled maintenance calendar, would you like to know more? Something that most people do not do as they presume mechanics are the best people to know or they do not have the time or assume tinkering with an expensive car like Audi is not a good idea or simply not made like that. However if you had little time, you would be surprised how much you could do at home and divert the saved money into more meaningful purposes by knowing that little of your Audi.

Some of the below is really something you could fix at home, most are preventive measures that you detect yourselves for the purpose of taking them to your service station for inspection and necessary repairs and the rest are means that if followed, will get more out of your Audi and thus maintain a great value leading to savings.

You can check build up of debris under and around the wiper blades. This Wiper Bladedirt may cause scratches on the wind shield that may not be easy to get rid of. The dirt will also hamper the function of the wipers giving you trouble with visibility. Before the onset of the winters, it would be good to check the condition of the rubber portion – the blade that is. If it looks coming off its place or does not wipe off traces off water, then perhaps it is time to replace with new ones. The manual would tell how to remove the wipers and put on a new one. Try it once right away, just to feel the simplicity, you would be surprised why you never tried it ever and always relied on a mechanic.

When you are buying a pair of wipers, do remember to take the specifications along; you should get it in the manual or engraved on the wiper itself; you could detach the wiper itself and take it into the store to compare it (if the store allowed it in).

If there is new noise you believe wasn’t there earlier, you could try detecting the source of the same. If you find a clip or a bolt gone loose, you could try tightening it as much as you could until you could refer it to the mechanic in your next visit. At times I would push a piece of leather or rubber to deaden the noise and thus close a gap of an offending part which does not have anything to tighten.

When accelerating, do you hear a squealing sound? Well it could well be the alternator belt that has had its fun. The best you could do here is to note it down so you don’t forget mentioning to the mechanic on your subsequent visit. Such a condition would fail to charge the batteries adequately. It is likely that your mechanic would replace the belt and rid you of the noise. At other times the culprit could be water accumulated in the engine bay, either due to rain or washing. Try drying it.

How To Maintain A Audi

You know the wheels need rebalancing and perhaps realignment when you feel the steering of your Audi vibrating. Another symptom is pain in the arms; happens when the steering tends to pull on one side and your unconscious efforts to keep it straight. Check the manual to verify; it would have a section that helps you isolate problems and provide number of solutions. Balancing and alignment need equipment that you have to get it done at your mechanic’s or the tire service shop. Yeah, you can sure shop for the cheapest around.

A knocking in the engine can be a serious problem. Worn out bearings is one of the commonest causes. If this happens, it would do a lot of good to take opinion from your trusted mechanic at the earliest as ignorance can potentially damage more parts in less time, causing complications, more time to repair and of course more money. Scheduled maintenance routine is the answer to let it not happen after all.

If this does not fulfill your appetite for learning, then you need to pick up the Audi mechanic’s manual. Knowledge always guarantees yet better service, makes you a savvy customer and earns you respect from the mechanics.

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  1. Jodie Wehrspann says:

    Well said and well described points, taking care of minor problems with your car will not only give you a tension free journey but it will also insure you to get big money, if in future you ever want to sell it. This will insure a high reselling price for your Audi and hence will let you invest even higher in the new car you might be planning to buy. This will also insure you to avoid heavy pay out to the service center as by taking care of minor problems you can insure to have lesser major problems to your car.

  2. Smith Allen says:

    Well said points, and very informative points about Audi. As we all know Audi is a well known brand of luxury cars. Audi is a German brand automobile company which manufactures cars. The company was named after the founder August Horch, “Horch” when converted into Latin becomes “Audi”. The logo of Audi is represented by four rings intersected through each other which together represents that four car companies merged together to make one predecessor “Audi”, Auto union. Audi has competed with two famous brands Mercedes and BMW and has made its own space in the market of luxurious cars.

  3. Ashley Daniel says:

    Image itself reveals all points need to considered. Good article.

  4. Daniel Bake says:

    Thanks for sharing the basic things about Audi. I always depend on specialized mechanic who can assist me. Your article informed me about the basic of small changes in car parts that lead us to any big issues and make us spend more in cars.

    • autoadmin says:

      You’re welcome. Basic maintenance tips are always of high value to save time and money. We can make sure that we should follow these tips provided by expert technicians and apply them as well. By doing this we can also save money on repairing straightway.

  5. Army Archerd says:

    Maintenance is usually not a friendly term for car users and for a brand like Audi, owner’s should be aware of its high maintenance level. Throughout this blog they can find information regarding maintenance tips which will be helpful for them. Basically, these tips are favorable for those car owners having lack of time to go to service center and also for misers those who don’t want to spend unnecessary expenses for maintenance. These are simple tips which can be easily followed by every car user. If you take driving seriously, these tips are very important for making sure your car performs to its full potential.

    • autoadmin says:

      Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate your inputs and visit. Maintenance is a predominant factor for a car to be in proficient condition and by implementing certain beneficial tips can be more effective.

  6. Emily Davis says:

    The page description is very much informative. Thanks for providing some of the minor maintenance tips. This blog has explained beautifully many useful tips regarding Audi maintenance. Especially the figure, it’s really impressive and very much easy to understand. These tips are really beneficial for users. No doubt, Audi is one of the luxurious brands in automobile world. But its proper maintenance is also needed. All the tips are really appreciable. Please keep providing such information regularly.

    • autoadmin says:

      Thanks Emily for your comment reply. I can say here every car owner must learn some basic car maintenance tips. It will certainly help to save some extra car expenses.

  7. John Woods says:

    Above posted article is really nice. Thanks admin for posting such simple maintenance tips. Maintaining an Audi is much more important than buying it. Before buying a car, just make sense about some basic awareness. Car engines also need a proper maintenance like other machines. The given flow chat displaying things very accurately. I do appreciate this blog & I would like to suggest all the Audi users to take a good care of their own cars. They must go for scheduled maintenance.

    • autoadmin says:

      Welcome John. Basic maintenance tips are really very important for the customers. Everyone must check the engine, Clutch, Gear and Break before running his/her car to anywhere.

  8. Ava Stewart says:

    As mentioned in the blog, it is very true that people presume mechanics as the best people to deal with the cars. Due to this conception they never try to take care of their Audi by themselves. But the minor tips reflected here are really useful and one should give little bit effort to maintain these minor things as these maintenance tips are really compactable for those people who have lack of time. This will also reduce expenses in case of minor maintenance problems.

  9. Jacklin Cullen says:

    Thanks for posting such a useful article. These maintenance tips are quite easy to follow and it will save me a bunch of money. Please continue sharing more useful tips. I will seek for your further posts.

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