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Posted On: January 13th, 2014    To  Auto Info, Auto Repair

Living in Houston, TX? And own a BMW? Or you have just bought your dream machine in a brand new BMW vehicle? Well then, are you also aware of the Lemon Law? No? Well, I must say you should be – to obtain the worth of your hard earned and equally ambitiously spent one.

You have bought (or say leased) this vehicle – a brand new BMW, obviously to serve a purpose. In course of time it fails to serve the purpose on account of a defect; the defect is a concern that raises a question on the safety of the occupants of the vehicle and those on the road; the defect impairs the resale value. The dealer has attended to the defect not once but twice (or thrice) and has done what they could. Yet your problem remains as it was initially. This is where the Texas Lemon Law comes to your relief.

Purpose of Lemon Law :

The purpose therefore of the Lemon Law in Houston TX, is to protect vehicle owners from sufferings caused by chronic flaws in your new car. It intends to compensate for your sufferings in the shape money or replacements.

The filing of a Lemon Law complaint involves a fee of $35.

One must ensure that he qualifies for filing the complaint else he can end up wasting his money and time. The Four Times Test, the Serious Safety Hazard Test and the 30 Day Test assist you assess if you qualify and assures your case to be watertight and the chances of winning becomes substantially higher.

Against which the Texas Lemon Law complaints filled :

Lemon Law complaints in Houston, TX can be filed for Cars, trucks, motorcycles, motor homes, boats, RVs and ATVs. Demonstrator vehicles also qualify for complaint and relief. In order to file Lemon Law complaints against defects in travel trailers, it is required that they are registered in Texas.

Lemon Law, on certain conditions is applicable to used vehicles too. For instance, the used vehicle has an effective and unexpired warranty in effect; you can sure enjoy the benefits of the Lemon Law. Not only that, if the defect in your used vehicle was reported, attended to during the warranty (by the old owner of course) and still exists, you still qualify to take your fight ahead.

If you decide to seek competent service, and thereby improve your chances of a fair compensation, you may then seek it from many lawyers in Houston, TX, who specialize in all aspects that relate to vehicles. Lemon lawyers can assist you with car buyer protection planning, warranties from among a variety of options. It is crucial for you to hire a lawyer who has spent a good time and has helped win clients with their rights against vehicle manufacturers and vehicle dealer outlets and have a number of examples of getting them refunds or replacements.

Considering points to choose a best repair center for your BMW :

Houston boasts of up to a dozen authorized dealerships that deal with BMW vehicles if you prefer them over the independent repair shops. Apart from the authorized dealerships, you have the option of choosing a best BMW repair center from over a hundred outlets that claim to be experts with any BMW.

BMW Repair Center

All a wise BMW owner would wish for is that his baby is looked after by trained, knowledgeable and skilled technicians at a reasonable price. Unfortunately nothing comes for free. You are still required to shop for the best place that you can trust and your pocket loves. All the dealership outlets claim to get you the moon because they are the chosen ones. Chosen and trained by the manufacturers. While many of the customers are happy and satisfied, fact remains that many of the customers are a disgruntled lot with their experience. Yet again you are bound to find BMW owners returning to the dealers after a sour experience at the independent repair outlets. So I repeat, in other words, it is not easy and change is inevitable.

One way to get great references without spending much time is – on your desk, over the internet. Going through the online reviews and references would help you make up your mind as to whom you want to test out. You would find die hard fans of certain independent repair shops claiming superior workmanship. What you need to factor in is the maturity and knowledge levels of the person whose review you are considering. You may not get to know what strata of the society he comes from, what are his preferences – do any of these matches with yours?

There are many who get bowled over by the demonstration of courtesy, mannerisms, hospitality and there are many who seriously consider the workmanship, the training, the knowledge and above all – the ability to win the confidence of the customer with adequate explanation of the problem, possible solutions and estimates of time and money. No frills business, you might say!

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  1. Mechanicwaverley says:

    Well written article and providing truly awesome information about the lemon law and how it works for the vehicle owners. In my opinion its really hard to find a right auto repair which provide perfect services. But, it’s important to trust your intuition about the shop you’re considering. If a shop isn’t busy, maybe that’s because customers are avoiding it because of shoddy repairs. If the place is really dirty, cluttered or disorganized, this might reflect the kind of work you could expect the shop to do with your car. Considering these factors are may be important to make an idea about the any considered shop. Thanks for sharing this informational post.

  2. cindyholt9 says:

    Thanks for sharing this informational post.Well written article and providing truly awesome information about the lemon law and how it works for the vehicle owners.

  3. Maxime says:

    Thanks for the information I will experiment it and let you know.

  4. Alzen says:

    Thanks for this post. I will try it 🙂

  5. Angel says:

    Lemon law is the important one that helps people to know details regarding the problems in car that can be solved easily. This is really a nice blog that will help the people from places to be updated with the rule and to gain the utility.

  6. Mary Anderson says:

    Very innovative & helpful! I came to know about an extra ordinary law for the people in Texas City known as “Lemon Law”, designed to protect car buyers from continuous engine failure or any damage to their cars. In my opinion it is very difficult to find a quality repair center now days. I have tried it and accordingly a car user should first allow the dealer a reasonable opportunity to repair the malfunction before filing a complaint for Lemon Law relief.

    • autoadmin says:

      With this blog, our aim is to provide relevant and correct information to our readers. Hope, you like it. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  7. Alex Smith says:

    True information, that people living in Houston, TX should know about Lemon law. BMW users must know details of Lemon law. The purpose of this law is to protect vehicle owners from sufferings caused by chronic flaws in new cars. The filing of a Lemon Law complaint involves a fee of $35. Some data are given in this blog which clearly explain the Texas Lemon Law complaints filled. Another important thing to notice is that always choose the best care center for your BMW. Thanks for such a wonderful blog.

    • autoadmin says:

      Thanks for your comment Alex. I think you are very much concern about several things related to car safety which is really good. It will be very helpful for your safety. Lemon Law in Houston, TX is definitely very useful for the car operators.

  8. Martin Jezz says:

    I didn’t know about Lamon law before, in-fact this is the first time I heard about it. When I read the title I feel it is an interesting one. Reading the whole article made me clear about the concept behind it. I would like to thank the admin for posting such an informative blog. I appreciate it.

    • autoadmin says:

      Well, thanks Martin for your appreciation and I like the way you have given your reply to my blog post.

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