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Car Dashboard Warning Lights

Who said cars can’t talk? Yes, they do talk with us but their language is something different than us! Likewise we seek for immediate fill-up of our stomach when we feel hungry; they also express their hungriness with these warning lights. And each light expresses a unique meaning.

Whenever anything goes wrong in your car, these warning signs appear suddenly in the dashboard. Not all the signs are dangerous; some are for information only.

But, ignoring these signs might land you in difficult situations.

So we have explained here the common car warning lights in detail—which will not only help you from being knowledgeable about your car, but also could save your life for several times.

See below…

First Know — Why Warning Light Colors Vary?

You might have seen, some warning lights lighted up with red color, some are with yellow color, and some are with green color. Confused? Why these colors are different? We’ll know here.

Red Warning Light:

Red light conveys that something is heavily serious in your car and you need to stop the car immediately in a safe place for inspection.

Yellow or Orange Warning Light:

Warning light is yellow or orange means something is not good in your vehicle, still you can travel with caution! But as soon as you finish the trip, checkup is important.

Green or Blue Light:

Green or blue light is illuminated for the information purpose only. It informs the driver that a system or feature is operating.

Flashing warning Light:

If warning light flashes, then understand that some part of your car needs an urgent repairing or servicing.

Lexus Dashboard Warnings

Now Know What These Warning Lights mean?

Low Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light:

  • This warning light comes under the red category! It flashes on your dashboard when the oil pressure sensor senses low engine oil pressure.
  • The moment you see this symbol, turn off the car right away! Otherwise it would damage your car engine extremely. Check the oil level with a dipstick. If you see the oil level is low, fill it up.
  • If you still see the light illuminating after filing up oil, simply tow your car to the nearest well-experienced mechanic. He’ll take care of it!

Battery Charge Warning Light:

  • Battery warning light gives a red light signal. It illuminates when there is some problem in your car’s electric system.
  • The reason for this problem is due to either a dead battery or a malfunctioned alternator.
  • Here you can’t restart the vehicle. So if your car is “on”, drive to an authorized repairing center otherwise tow it.

Coolant warning light:

  • Coolant is there in your vehicle to cool down the overheated engine and prevent from expected engine damage.
  • So if the coolant level decreases, the engine get too hot and this warning light will instantly illuminate in the dashboard.
  • This light comes under the red category—so, turn off the engine immediately and seek for mechanic assistance.

Brake System Warning Light:

  • This light appears on the dashboard when there is a problem within the braking system.
  • Simply this problem appears when the handbrake is engaged. So release it and see if it further appears or not while driving.
  • If the problem still persists, then consult with a technician as soon as possible- – because it is coming under the red category.

Airbag Warning Light:

  • This airbag warning light glows if you’ve deactivated the supplementary restraint system or air-bag manually. Or, there is some serious fault in the system.
  • Airbag is an essential safety element and could be the reason behind life and death.
  • As it’s coming under the red light category, you must go to the auto-repairing center at the earliest and do the needful.

Tire pressure monitor warning light:

  • The dashboard indicates this light if there is not the adequate amount of pressure in your car tire.
  • As this light comes under the yellow category, you can deal with these rubbers whenever you find a servicing center in your journey.
  • Though your attention is not immediately required, still it’s very much important to travel safely.

Seatbelt Warning Light:

  • This warning light appears if you’ve not fastened your seatbelt while driving.
  • It’ll be switched off instantly at the moment when you’ll fasten the seatbelt. It comes with a red signal.

Car Door/trunk/hood Indicator Warning Lights

  • These lights indicate that your car doors (also trunk & hood) are not properly closed.
  • Opened doors could be dreadful if you’re not closing doors after the warning sign. It comes with a red signal.

ABS Warning Light:

  • This warning light appears if the vehicle ABS system faces issue to work properly.
  • It comes under the yellow light category. So it’s not compulsory to repair it instantly because still you have your normal brake is in function.

Check Engine Light

  • If this light glows means, there could be many causes. Basically it happens due to ignition or emission issues.
  • If the light is flashing, you should not drive the car further and seek for immediate technical assistance. And if it’s continuous, you can drive but it’s recommended to find a repairing center as soon as possible.

Traction Control Light

  • This light appears when the vehicle’s wheel slips or loses traction on the road & traction control system intervenes that. This is mostly for the information purpose.
  • But if the light is ‘ON’ throughout the road, there is some issue with the system. So seek for a technician advice.

Car Dashboard

Final Words

Modern vehicles are getting complex day by day. Every new vehicle comes to the market has something unique and new features to attract the potential customers. Accordingly the warning lights on the dashboard are also increasing at this pace.

Every manufacturer has their own way of representing these warning light signs. So these diagrammatic representations on the dashboard may vary but most of them are same. And if you’re still confused, it’s always better to read your vehicle manual book before proceeding towards your first ride in your brand new vehicle!

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