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A spark plug in your vehicle may be one of the smallest parts your vehicle have, but it holds the biggest reason to start your vehicle that takes you from place to place. Unless you’re a technically advanced person who knows everything about each vehicle part that you drive, you may be thinking that “I’ve fuel in my car. Isn’t that enough to start the vehicle?” No, my dear, there are number of other things that are responsible to start a vehicle. Spark plug is one of ’em.

Spark Plug

A Brief About Spark Plug

Inside the combustion chamber of your vehicle’s engine, the ignition process occurs. It involves three ingredients for executing the process—Fuel, air and spark. There is already fuel and air in the chamber. One thing that is not present is the Spark for starting of the vehicle.

And yes, the spark plug fulfills that criteria. It creates an artificial bolt of lightning (spark) inside the combustion chamber and initiate a combustion reaction that ignites the mixture of fuel and air which results in starting of your car.

That spark of spark plug is created due to the high voltage electricity delivered by the Ignition coil through the distributor. The high voltage varies from 20,000 to 100,000 volts.

The work of spark plug is not just limited for obtaining spark, it also transmits the heat away from the combustion chamber.

In the course of time, unburnt gases and other contaminants build up deposits in the spark plug. And for that reason, it can’t provide the sufficient spark for the car to get started immediately.

Normally the spark plugs are not replaced so frequently. Most cars require their spark plug to be replaced after covering 30,000 to 50,000 miles.

Below are the common signs of a worn out spark plug. Know them well and analyze whether is it time to replace your spark plug or not?

Engine Misfiring

You can feel this sign in your vehicle very easily. Because whenever it occurs, your car will stumble for a very short period of time (fraction of seconds) and then regain the original momentum. Also you’ll get to hear some knocking noises while driving.

It occurs if one or more of the spark plugs in your vehicle doesn’t fire properly or fire at the wrong time. A part of the combustion cycle gets skipped. Misfiring of the vehicle is an important and common sign of the spark plug problem.

Apart from this, a misfiring engine affects the vehicle a lot negatively. It reduces the performance of your engine, uses more fuel and pollutes the environment.

Is It Time to Replace Your Spark Plug

More Fuel Consumption

More fuel consumption is another common sign of a worn out spark plug. You may ask now that a low tire pressure can be the cause of this particular problem. Yes, this can be. No issue! Well, there are so many causes of more fuel consumption but this reason can’t be avoided.

More fuel is consumed because of the incomplete combustion. Whenever the spark plug starts to wear out, the space between the plug electrodes tends to increase or decrease. In each condition, the spark plug can’t provide the right amount of spark hence losing the fuel each time you attempt to start the vehicle.

Observe the frequency how much you’re heading to the gas station than before. If you’re visiting more than normal, it’s time to check your spark plugs by the help of a certified mechanic.

Poor Acceleration

Poor acceleration on the road also indicates to the worn out spark plug. If you see the vehicle speed is not increasing immediately or not behaving properly according to your gas pedal pressing behavior, there may exists some problem in the spark plug. Check this by your own or visit the nearest trusted auto repairing center for a check-up.

Difficult Vehicle Start

If you’re facing difficulty in starting your vehicle, then a worn out spark plug may be the issue. The ignition system has to work hard to initiate a spark in the combustion chamber. Without any proper spark to ignite the fuel-air mixture, the vehicle won’t start. Get your vehicle checked by a qualified mechanic if this happens frequently.

Rough Engine Idling

Idling is the time when your vehicle is not in motion but ignition is ON or the engine is running. It generally happens at the red signal in the traffic or when you keep waiting for someone in front of the grocery mall. This problem can lead to more several problems in vehicle if not diagnosed as soon as possible. If you’re feeling the vehicle is making weird noises or behaving roughly at the time of idling, then mostly the problem may be associated with spark plug that are not in a good condition. You can also feel vibration in the whole vehicle.

Engine Surging

When mechanics talk about engine surging or engine hesitation of your car, they simply mean to say that the car’s engine is behaving abnormally or working inefficiently. If Mechanic Repairing Spark Plug this issue arises, the vehicles will tend to jerk or speed up suddenly and then slows down suddenly whenever you start to cruise on the road. Moreover you’ll feel like the car is starting and stopping automatically. The cause of this problem is excessive intake of air inside the combustion chamber than normal.

This is another telltale sign of a worn spark plug. It could be potentially more dangerous if the issue arises at the heavy traffic time. Also it might affect the other parts of the engine if the problem persists for a long time. So get an experienced and trusted mechanic to diagnose and resolve the issue.


Having good spark plug in your car leads to smooth functioning of the car engine hence easy starting, fully combustion of the fuels, better fuel economy, and low toxic gas emissions.

For a car owner, taking care of his car should not be a compulsion, it should be a responsibility. Remembering the above common signs of a worn spark plug is just a matter of some minutes but can save your car and yourself from a severe catastrophe.

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  1. Austin Rivera says:

    Definitely, the spark plug plays a very important role to start the vehicle and any issues with it can trouble us. It don’t need to be replaced frequently rather we can drive up to minimum of 30,000 miles without changing it. However, we must go for a replacement if we notice something wrong with it. Yes, we need to be able to recognize the basic symptoms. Thank you for this post. Surely it is helpful for the readers.

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