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Santa Monica city is located in the state of California and Los Angeles County, with Brentwood to its North and the Los Angeles International Airport to its south. To its West is the Santa Monica bay and Mar Vista to its east. It is spread over eight and half square miles around the Interstate 10 and the Interstate 405. Since the turn of the century, the population has grown approximately by 10% and stands around 90,000. The number of females outwits number of males by a small fraction. It is home to Hollywood artistes, many single family households and professionals and executives and thus is considered affluent neighborhood. Carrying nicknames SaMo, Dogtown, Home of the Homeless, People’s Republic of Santa Monica, its motto is “Populus felix in urbe felice”; that is Latin for “Fortunate people in a fortunate land”. Settled in 1769, the city was incorporated in 1886. 70% of the population is white with Hispanics at 13%. Rest of the population is made up of Asians, Blacks, American Indians, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders – though in extremely small fractions. Looking at the crime graph of Santa Monica, you find that crimes have reduced since year 2000 and are at par with the US City average.

Accounting and Auditing” is the most loved profession males follow in Santa Monica. It is true for the women as well with the next most followed occupation being “Other Protective Services”.

Year round, the temperatures tend to remain between 58 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are two hospitals in Santa Monica – the St John’s Health Center and the Santa Monica UCLA MED CTR & Orthopaedic Hospital.

Santa Monica Municipal Airport provides air connectivity to visitors and residents. You also have Los Angeles International Airport within few miles. Access to Amtrak trains is facilitated by 3 train stations, each around a dozen miles from downtown Santa Monica.

The city spends much of its energies in following environment protection. It does not tire out making the city more and more sustainable. Most of the public works vehicles run on alternative fuel. All public buildings are powered by renewable energy. The residents are urged to make it a zero waste city.

Mercedes is a fine, German car renowned world over – owned by many in Santa Monica. Among the many European brands, Mercedes is loved by a lot of Santa Monica residents for its sophistication, comfort, performance, reliability, ride Mercedes Car quality, luxury and of course the high tech features that floors the customers. It is one of oldest yet well established name in the world of top end cars. It is known for use of cutting edge technology in its manufacturing processes that makes it the choice of millionaires around the globe. It has kept the reputation for its quality and durability right from the beginning and continues the stride with a remarkable aplomb.

With the ownership of a great car, comes the responsibility of taking due care of your prized Merc. The more you take care, the more it would tend to keep you and your family happy and contented as far as mobility is concerned. Living in Santa Monica even makes it essential to keep your Merc in top order at all times, as you would rarely like to rely on the public transport.

Mercedes Repair Center

There are quite a few customers who have the time and inclination, most of all they have the knack of taking care of repairs to their Mercs themselves, to a certain extent indeed. If you are not one of them, then you resort to the dealership or the independent repair shops around. Santa Monica has around couple dozen repair shops that claim to possess expertise in repairing your Merc. But, it is you who have to decide amongst other repair center that which is the best Mercedes repair center in Santa Monica that you can go for.

What are the usual works that they carry out, you ought to know. The knowledge that you carry is crucial for obtaining a competent workmanship and quality to your Merc. Here is a list that you would greet you on most websites of these workshops and the physical boards in their shops:

  • Engine Diagnosis & Repair
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Brake System Repair
  • Suspension & Steering Repair
  • Tune-ups & Oil Changes
  • Cooling System Service & Repair
  • Factory Recommended Maintenance
  • Clutches & Transmissions
  • Engine Repair & Replacement
… and many more.

What you ought to look out in quest of satisfactory repair works is the training levels of the mechanics and the technicians. Do they possess any verifiable training credentials? Many shops would also display the trophies it or its staff has won. Many customers believe the expense of repairs at the dealership is higher than the independent shops. Well it is your budget, your Merc, and your intelligence in deciding what works better for you. It may be well worth noting that many customers stung by independent shops have changed over to dealerships as well as the other way round. So a careful due diligence and listening to your conscience matters much.

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  1. Chrish Paine says:

    Nice factual article about the service centers’ price hiking. Actually I have faced the same situation when I first bought my Mercedes, the terms and condition regarding service of Mercedes differ from one place to another. Then only I have decided to go for dealership service station as they are giving pick-up facility for my Mercedes at home service. But by all means it’s the owner’s choice which one he/she wants to select to avoid the extra servicing expenses.

    • autoadmin says:

      Yes, to have a good service it’s very important to choose a good service center. This not only satisfies you with the kind of service you want but it also helps to save your money as well. Thanks for your response.

  2. Michael Ansara says:

    Well defined article. I got very beautiful information of Santa Monica & the life style of the citizens. Mercedes is being preferred mostly by rich classy people in Santa Monica as a fame of comfort & luxury. A simple car requires less maintenance than a luxury one. So, Mercedes definitely requires more attention for long running. The blog is very informative for the car users in Santa Monica as Mercedes are often used by them.

  3. Grace Carter says:

    Well, a brief and requisite description about the whole city. Clearly you have marked the essential points which are beneficial for a reader. Thanks for updating me by posting such valuable article and I would like to peer into some more posts like this.

    • autoadmin says:

      Thanks for the nice words that you put in and I appreciate your visit. We value your comments so, we will surely be back to you with more information’s and keep you update.

  4. Kevin Smith says:

    Well, Mercedes owners always prefer the best service center for their cars. They always do a background check for all the nearby service stations before arriving on a particular point to choose a good one having skilled technicians for them. You have to be predictive while choosing a garage and the reason I am saying it as I have gone pass the same experience. For me, if you are searching for a better option for your car you should check with your friends and neighbors who have Mercedes or any other luxury cars and serviced before, they will let you know the available service points where the mechanics are good enough to solve the issues with your car in a stipulated time.

    • autoadmin says:

      Thanks for your feedback. You’re very right with your logic and this is the way to find a good service point for your Mercedes Benz. Keep sharing your comments further.

  5. Merry Scott says:

    It is an important blog for the people of Santa Monica city. It is really helpful for the people to get an auto repair center for their Mercedes. No doubt, this article will be appreciated by most of the readers. The little description about the city is also quite impressive. People having Mercedes, should always keep in mind to maintain their car as smartly as they can. Always prefer a reputed Mercedes servicing center. A link has been provided in this page for the repair center and it is helpful. The servicing center in the link is a better one.

    • autoadmin says:

      Thanks Merry for your comment. A Mercedes owner must know about a good and economical service center in his/her nearest area. This way he/she must get a good service in affordable charges.

  6. Sophia Kallis says:

    Mercedes is one of the most luxurious brands in the automobile market. Mercedes owners will definitely prefer reputed Mercedes servicing centers. This small description about the city adds up advantages for the people of Santa Monica, California. A link for the Mercedes repair center in Santa Monica also posted here, which makes the search little bit flexible for the users.

  7. Johny Michael says:

    Thanks for your insight and the brief description on the city. Mercedes maintenance is not easy at-all; we need to consider lots of factors while choosing a repair center for it. Well, it’s little bit tough to find a reputed repair center in Santa-Monica but as I am a native here from the past 23 years hence I can suggest a few more repair center names. I.e. Lexus Santa Monica service center, Honda of Santa Monica, Caliber Collision etc. Also many more good repairs centers are there, you just need to choose the best one.

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