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Ventura was first named “Shisholop” by the Chumash Indians who were known to be the early settlers. It means “in the mud” in that language. Official name is City of San Buenaventura. Incorporated in the year 1866, it was generally known as San Buenaventura prior to 1891. The city also serves as the county seat of the County of Ventura.

Mission San Buenaventura was founded by Father Junípero Serra in 1782. This is believed to have formed the basis of what the city stands as of today. The name San Buenaventura comes from St Bonaventure, a 13th century Franciscan saint and a Doctor of the Church. A statue of Father Junípero Serra stands today in the city. Made of concrete by John Palo Kangas, it was commissioned in 1935. But it did not survive the wrath of nature. It was then decided to be preserved and was replaced with a replica made of bronze in 1989.

City of San Buenaventura used to be difficult to access. That explains why it remained aloof from the mainstream developing cities of the state and continued to hold its rural charm. Tourists find its charm and ambience unique – personify the California of olden days. An hour’s drive from Los Angeles and Hollywood, it straddles along the scenic southern-most part of California’s Central Coast. Main thoroughfares passing City of San Buenaventura happen to be U.S. Route 101, State Route 33 and State Route 126.

The city grows the best Citrus around because of the excellent soil made fertile by the existence of the two rivers – Ventura River and the Santa Clara River, that binds the city. Consequently you have the world’s largest organization dealing in citrus – Sunkist Growers, in Ventura.

The variety arts and abundant cultural activities attract tourists aplenty. You cannot escape the fact that hundreds of sculptors, dancers, painters and musicians make Ventura their home. The city offers plenty outdoor activities and the proximity to exquisite beaches that stretch from the Surfer’s Point to Ventura Harbor is in real great demand. You have a beautiful marina, an extensive bike path, a historic pier and promenade to savor.

Looking for repair centers for your BMW car, you would find that the city offers a choice from among a couple dozen. The best way to find a BMW repair center in Ventura is to perform a thorough due diligence.

You could prefer an authorized dealer to take care of your BMW repairs in Ventura like so many do. Alternatively you could find an independent BMW Repair center in Ventura that usually people consider being cheaper and yet more satisfying than an authorized dealership.

It helps immensely if the Ventura repair center has the backing of BMW America. The training, the experience and the

BMW Repair center in Ventura

knowledge of the hands at the center matters considerable lot. This can be judged by the certificates and trophies aptly exhibited in the customer lounges of the center or well placed on their website. Getting to know where exactly the mechanics and technicians have trained is one factor to consider. The level of skills in operating and also reading the various means of diagnostic tools and technologies, makes attending to a certain problem more effective. Just operation and failure to analyze the results – can certainly affect the repairs in a dangerous way to the extent of life of family and others on the road in jeopardy.

The inventory of the repair center is of utmost importance. The stock of parts and spares must not be old. It would help if they explain you how they manage it. If they do not maintain a comprehensive store, then we need to understand their procurement process; because this could mean consumption of more time. You being among the ones who trust on OEM certified parts and spares, empowers you to make informed decisions whether to go or not to go with this repair center. In fact when you own the best, it makes more sense maintaining it in the best possible way. Here you might want to check out the prices, they should not be overly priced; these should be competitive if not altogether absurd.

Be it silencer or the shock absorbers or the brake pad or the IPOD, you deserve the best repair services in the City of San Buenaventura.


  1. Car is a luxury medium of transport which gives comfort as well as safety while traveling. Now people move by car for a long distance without any problem. Traveling by car can save your time & energy too. But a car user has to keep in mind that he should service his car at recommended service period which gives more efficiency to your car along with long life to your car engine.

  2. Well defined blog! I came to know all the information about Ventura City regarding its history & location. BMW makes life comfortable as well as stylish due to its brand which is circulated all over the world. In automotive, the most level-headed job is the maintenance. Maintenance not only helps a user to meet the advantages but also improves BMW’s longevity. In Ventura city, BMW service refers to three diagnostics i.e. Quality, efficiency & innovation due to the performance of the mechanics

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