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Posted On: November 22nd, 2016    To  Cars, Smart Cars

Orange Color Smart Car

Technology is striving to run in pace with each and every global issues.

At present, the use of vehicles has risen to such a great height that it’s effecting the pollution rate of environment. Apart from this, usage of fuel goes in par with the rise in fuel cost. Yeah! the reckless driving especially by the youths is just horrendous.

So, to overcome such types of issues the smart cars were and are being designed. You need to get acquainted with details of a smart car. It’s obvious, these three questions regarding the smart cars must be arising in your mind. Your queries will definitely be answered before proceeding on this topic.


What exactly is a smart car?

Basically, a smart car accommodates facilities like the reverse sensing systems, GPS navigation, assisted parking, night vision, smart card activation instead of keys, Web and e-mail access, voice control, system allowing to park the vehicle at safe distance from other vehicles and at last, one that drives automatically. A partnership between Mercedes Benz and Swatch watches led to the developement of a smart fortwo car. The main aim of designing such a commuter car is to have a good gas mileage apart from having a fun drive in it. This car has a spacious cargo space at the back and is a two-seater vehicle.

Does the smart car offers a proper mileage?

33 MPG in the city and 41 MPG on the highway is the mileage rating of the smart car, which although is less than what is expected but still is much better as compared to the non-hybrid automobiles like your cars, SUVs, trucks, etc. Moreover, electric versions have replaced the gas versions, giving rise to much better fuel-efficient model.

Is it easy to drive a smart car?

The car equipped with an automated manual transmission is quite easy to drive with no clutches involved and easy shift of gear by clicking on the gear shift. The smart car’s transmission can change your gear automatically as you slow down or speed up on the roads.

Smart Car: A Boon

When asked about their smart car experience, the users have expressed their height of satisfaction using these cars. They have spoken about the real benefits they receive from these cars. Have a look at the benefits:

Healthy Environment oriented

Besides being fuel efficient, the car is being constructed with pioneering recyclable and energy-efficient materials, along with the dash materials being made up of recyled synthetics.

Smart Car - Easy To Park

Easy Driving and Parking

This diminutive car being very small, can be parked easily at tight spaces in the parking lot, where other vehicles won’t fit. Besides this, its size offers an easy movement in every crowdy place or wherever you go.

Its Look

It’s damn cute for many. You can say it has an unique design, which leaves a forever impression on your mind. Its plastic body panels can be changed to give it a new color.

Is Safe

The car’s view and size can give you a misconception that it might not be safe but it is not so. A kind of safety cage with the advanced braking system and 4 airbags offers a safe drive in it.


Smaller from exterior but is quite spacious inside with enough of leg room both for driver and the passenger.

Smart Car Interior

Great Commuter Car

This car designed for a crowdy road is the best commuter car with its efficient performance, enough space and a good mileage.

Convert your Car into a Smart Car

Aren’t you being able to buy the smart car? Don’t worry. You can turn your existing car into a smart car. Here are few ways:

Install Dash App

Install Dash App and connect it through the Bluetooth to make it recognize your car. This App :

Suggests you to improve your driving after analyzing your driving.
Helps you to find the nearest gas station with its in-built gas station finder.
Logs your car mileages into the google spreadsheet through the dash recipes.

Smart Car Dashboard

Install ODB-II Bluetooth Adapter

Install ODB-II Bluetooth Adapter to provide connectivity.

Use Automatic Pro

This, when connected to your device through the device plugged into ODB II port, tracks mileage, breaks fuel usage, decodes engine issues. Its other features are

Event-based apps
Crash Alert
Live vehicle tracking
Parking tracking
Streaming apps

Use High Resolution Google maps

Use this in your android device for naviagting through the exact and traffic free path to reach your destination.

Connect the vinli device through the bluetooth or OBDII socket

The Vinli app generates a 4G wi-fi hotspot, detects and notifies an accident, views latest diagnostic info about your vehicle.

Have Lock and key app

It gives real time tracking and alerting in one click, in case your car is stolen.

Install the Beagle App

If you are lending your car to someone maybe your kids, you can keep track of their driving speed and their location, path, etc through this app.

Latest News on Smart Cars

In 2017, a new version of the fortwo smart car i.e. the 2017 Smart fortwo coupe electric drive is going to be launched in US market with a new pricing and more advanced features. Meanwhile, the automobile industry is struggling to bring a dramatic change in the automobile industry by designing the most awaited and of course unbelievable smart car version, which is a driverless car.

Smart Car

Wrap Up

So, this is all about smart cars in a nutshell, that you must know. Ultimately, here is an advice for you. If not buy a smart car, make it a point to make your car a smart one to contribute in saving environment and your life.

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