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Posted On: July 19th, 2017    To  Cars

Ordinary Car vs Luxury Car

You sometimes notice certain car owners in a lighter vein discuss the features of their cars. Like experts, some of them start talking about the pros and cons of different models. In the midst of the deliberation, you have to keep your lip tight owing to ignorance in vehicle related knowledge.

Do not get hurt. It is not a matter of concern. A simple study can enhance your erudition. After reading out the post, you can distinguish the features of normal cars and sports cars.

Engine Efficiency

As you know engine is considered as the heart of the car. It converts power into motion or induces force to make the vehicle move forward.

You may be heard of 3 or 4 cylinder engine. What do you mean by the cylinder here? It is a chamber where fuel is get converted to drive the vehicle into motion. Thus, a 3-cylinder means the engine has three such compartments. In a cylinder, you can get a piston or large valve to ignite the fuel.

Generally Sports cars have powerful engines that can accelerate these vehicles to obtain over 70 mph in seconds. The power of most sports car engines is of 239kw/325bhp registering 6,800 rpm (revolutions per minute), while the torque is 370 NM / 285 kmph at 4,250 rpm.

The compression ratio is estimated 11.3:1 and the displacement is 3596 (cc). The engines are 3.6 -liter 6-cylinder and there are 4 valves per cylinder.

The normal cars are comparatively low powered than that of sports cars. The engines are 2.0-liter 4-cylinder. Their maximum power is calculated around 107 kW/143 bhp at 6,000 rpm and torque 190 NM at 4,500 rpm. The compression ratio stands at 10.8:1.


Sports-car makers design vehicles not only for visual appeal but also for high speed. The speed comes from the power of the engine. So, they come with advanced technology powered muscular engine. While you ride such cars, you feel like sitting on a jet. The availability of bucket seats, chromed pedals, modern steering wheels and controls can offer users a great level of satisfaction.

While normal cars are designed, manufacturers focus on their function and appearance. These are also equipped with gadgets touched with latest technology. Their looks are considered as a perfect balance between simple and casual guys.


The chassis of sports cars are very rigid and weighty thereby allowing them to move with a great speed and stop anywhere without skidding. The tire grips are very rough to cope with any kind of surface. However, some manufacturers use high-class materials like carbon fibers in order to minimize weight and add more tensile strength and stiffness.

Contrary to sports cars, the chassis of normal vehicles is designed with great care and emphasis on comfort. The materials used here are cheaper.

Maintenance & Longevity

The rate of wear and tear in sports cars is more than normal cars. They cannot be checked or repaired in the hands of a common auto mechanic. They need a good automobile service center with skilled experts. The spare parts are also costly. The automaker knows the affordability of the vehicle owners.

But a normal car does not seek that much of maintenance as sports car. Its repair cost is manageable and you can get abundance of garages to make them fit.

Fuel Economy

The high performance of the sports car becomes dear for you. Due to heart-beating speed and pickup, its fuel consumption is too big. A typical sports car registers a mileage of about 22 mpg.

On the other hand, a normal four-wheeler is far better than the sports car in fuel economy. It shows around 50 mpg which help users save a good sum.

Man Confused Between Sports & Normal Car

If we consider the above factors, we can easily notice the sports cars and normal cars are both irreplaceable. They are designed with specific intention intending to certain category. Their fan base is unique.

The worth of sports car for young generation remains unequal with passion dejected old. Similarly, the young does not care for an ultra luxury fitted normal car and the aged gives it more priority.

After all, what do you think? Perhaps, you are thinking to take the complete fun of the age. Yes, you must. Be hurry. Life is too short not in length but for amusement.

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