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Muffler – this vital part is located underneath of each and every vehicle moving on the road. But hardly any vehicle owner know the importance of this muffler. People can’t feel its importance unless they have experienced any loud noise coming from the exhausting system of their vehicle.

Car Muffler

A good muffler have some major advantages like it hugely discards the loud noise, it makes your vehicle fuel efficient, saves the environment from pollution, improves performance of the engine, and routes exhaust fumes away from the passengers. And if your vehicle muffler isn’t in good condition, it creates several problems.

Here are some of the most common signs of a bad car muffler.

Loud Engine Noise

This is quite the common and easiest sign to recognize whether you have muffler problem or not. If you feel that a loud rumbling noise is coming from your vehicle’s engine while running, understand that there is problem.

Going by the name, the muffler muffles the noise created by the various mechanical processes that are continuing inside the engine. So, without this your journey would be a bitter and unpleasant experience for you as well as the other people on the road.

The sound becomes louder and louder in course of time and at a certain position, there is a chance that it will earn you a ticket in the charge of public nuisance violation complaint.

Lower MPG

There will be noticeable drop in the fuel efficiency of your car, if you have a defective or failed muffler. Albeit there are many reasons for the lower mpg (miles per gallon), the chances of muffler issues can’t be avoided.

It normally happens due to the leak in the exhaust system. The engine tends to work harder than before to drive you with the same performance. As the engine work harder, it consumes more gas for the trade-off.

Keep a track of how much you are heading to the gas station each month. If you find the visiting frequency is increasing in each month with constant riding kms, it’s time to take your car to a professional mechanic for muffler check-up.

Professional Mechanic Repairing Car Muffler

Bad Smell

Bad smell is another common sign of a bad muffler. But it’s a dangerous one. If you get to smell the bad odors while traveling, then immediately get your car checked out by a professional mechanic. Else it could affect the life of the passengers significantly as the gases emitting are nothing but the carbon monoxide which is highly hazardous for human being. This toxic gas spreads outside due to any hole in the muffler or exhaust pipe.


Vibration of the vehicle also means that there could be possible problems in the muffler. If you feel vibration in the steering wheel or foot pedals by touching them while driving, then this is mostly related to the muffler problems. You can also feel it in the car seats.

Your whole vehicle will tend to vibrate if there is a comparatively large hole in the exhaust pipe. This could be fatal because you can’t control your vehicle as efficiently as before.

Visual Check

A thorough visual check of your exhaust system will be helpful in finding out the problem if you suspect any. Look clearly if there is any hole or crack in the system.

Holes occur due to rusts. Rust is the hardcore enemy of the mufflers which is created by the condensed water inside the exhaust system. Salt, snow are the other factors that create rust.

If you see the muffler is jammed with dirt and debris, then it will hamper the engine performance, create vibration and loud noise.

If you see the exhaust hanger which acts as the support system of the exhaust pipe is displaced from its actual position, then fix it immediately. If you don’t do, the exhaust pipe will be failed prematurely.

Car Exhaust Pipe

Engine Light Glows

Modern vehicles are installed with some of the most sophisticated features. Warning light is one of them. If the engine warning light in your dashboard glows, then there is potential problem in your engine. The problem might be appearing due to the damaged muffler or any other issues in the parts of the vehicle exhaust system.

However, if you have an old vehicle which doesn’t have any engine dashboard lights, no worries. Go for other common signs mentioned above.

Final Thoughts

Why to spend a lot of money on car muffler replacing when you have the chance of repairing it at the initial stage with a very little amount? Just try to analyze whether you feel or see the above signs in your car or not. If yes, rush to a trustworthy certified mechanic as soon as possible. Because even a small problem can lead to much larger problems later if not cared properly. Doing such will not only save you huge money but also will keep you out of danger throughout your journey.

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