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Gulfport – the co-county seat (with Biloxi) of Harrison County is located in the state of Mississippi and was incorporated in 1898. In terms of size within the state, Gulfport comes next to Jackson – the capital of Mississippi. The city is nicknamed GulfportRoot Beer Capital of the World’. The US Navy Atlantic Fleet Seabees is based in Gulfport. Water body makes up little over 11% of the 64 sq miles of the city spread. With a population of approximately seventy thousand the city ranks 475th in the US.

Gulfport is mostly hot and humid with the Gulf of Mexico saving it from even higher temperatures which is true for further inland habitation. Winter usually does not experience snow, on the contrary is warm. Cold spells rarely last long enough. Tropical storms through the Gulf of Mexico are usual phenomena.

With 2 runways, Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport serves the residents of Gulfport, Biloxi and the Gulf Coast with air connectivity. The city has an Amtrak rail station as well.

The Coast Transit Authority – an independent non-profit authority, funded by the State and Federal authorities provides for urban transport for the public of the Mississippi Gulf Coast in general – in a cost efficient manner. It covers all the three coastal counties of Mississippi.

Long Beach, Lyman, Biloxi, D’Iberville, Pass Christian, St. Martin, Latimer, Gulf Hills are the neighboring cities.

Amongst the industries, the Construction industry leads, followed by Arts-Entertainment-Recreation industry. Most common occupation men folk are involved in is the Media and Communication Equipment closely followed by Information and Record Clerk occupation. Other Protective Service occupation is more popular among the women folk. Media and Communication Equipment occupation comes second in popularity amongst the women.

The city has two hospital / medical centers. Biloxi has couple more.

Gulfport boasts of 3 colleges. It has one public high school and two private ones. There are around a dozen public elementary and middle schools and three private. For recreation, residents and visitors have the Gulfport Sportsplex, Gulf Islands Water Park and plenty pavilions, recreation, community centers and parks.

The emblem of the Audi is the four rings, side by side, interlocked – the symbol that has been synonymous to progressive engineering since the early 20th century. The emblem signifies the four motor car manufacturers, namely Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer who in the year 1932 came together to form what we know as Audi AG today, the most hallowed name in any industry – with the dream of making and offering that perfect car. Audi is known for its undying pursuit for innovation. 30 years ago it was the first to launch the permanent 4 wheel drive system in a passenger car that is just one of the many mesmerizing experiences one could have today from a car. The experiments it has performed with aluminium is unparallel in the industry – when no one knew if a car can be made any more lighter without compromising on safety, speed or performance. The Audi engineers thus can be trusted to explore not only what has not been explored ever but they tread the unimaginable. The feel of the leather, the design of the handles, the sound of the buttons, the odor of the material – these today have become benchmarks that buyers have matured to consider when looking for a new car even when as they look at cheaper other cars.

Audi Repair Center

We are likely to find over a couple dozen repairs and service shops that claim expertise in Audi in Gulfport. We people have to decide from the different reviews and aspects to choose a better Audi Repair center, that provides us better service and charge reasonable price. There are many in neighboring Biloxi as well. It is however advised to look for a shop that deals with Audi only. The next best would be a shop that works on German cars and German cars only. It is likely that most shops you find offer services to multiple brands of cars. Your precious Audi seeks specialized skill, specialized training on each and every part and assemblies in the Audi. The design and engineering is intricate that you do not want any Tom, Dick or Harry to learn the trade with. Unless the repair shops have exclusively different teams of technicians, mechanics and diagnostic tools for each brand they diagnose, repair and service, you better stay away.

It pinches a lot to go lighter by $300 and 5 hours to fix the Engine check light. If you care and can spare time, you would find many articles on the web and with few tools you can try fixing the problems yourselves. If you prefer a book, you have books too. All it requires is a yearning to turn that $300 and 5 hours to $30 even if it means 7 hours. Agree to explore the way Audi engineers do?

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