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Posted On: March 4th, 2016    To  Auto Info, Cars

How would you react if one of the most loved stuff of your life suddenly gets vanished? You will suddenly become a FBI agent and try to envisage for a couple of minutes that what really had happened. Then after assessing the clues, you will able to gather some vague solution to this baffling mystery and then finally you will be disheartened after knowing that it’s simply a theft case and nothing else.

After owning a brand new car with our hard-earned money, we get busy in decorating our car with some of the useless gadgets by spending a lot in it. But we prioritize less to the most crucial thing that matters a lot whenever we lose sight from our car which is nothing but the safety precautions that helps to prevent our car from being stolen.

Car theft is a crime in the U.S. which has reached in an epidemic proportion and it is creating an inevitable scare among the car owners. Below are some of the simple steps that will thoroughly educate you about the best precaution tips to prevent car theft.

Tips To Prevent Car Theft

Tip #1 Don’t leave your car unlocked

You might be thinking this tip as a simple one, but most of the people quite ignore it while

  • Shopping in the nearby shop at Supermarkets.
  • Billing at Petrol stations after filling up petrol.
  • Having snacks at Fast Food outlets.
  • Withdrawing money from Cash Machines etc.

To complete those above things is only a matter of some minutes, but you must remember that the car thieves could steal away your precious car even in a second if it is kept unlocked. So when you will leave your car unattended even if for a moment, always make a habit of:

  • Locking all the doors of your car
  • Close the sunroof
  • Close the boot (trunk)
  • Roll up the windows

Otherwise it will be pretty easy for the resourceful thieves to steal it.

Tip #2 Never leave your car running if it’s unattended

In the winter season, people often leave their cars in the running condition to warm up the engine to get something from the grocery store or some quick actions like this. Because basically in winter season vehicles mostly take some more time than usual to start.

If you are also doing like this means you are inviting the car thieves to drive-off with your beloved car at that very moment. So never ever do this type of silly mistakes.

Tip #3 Don’t leave valuables in your car

More often, people leave the valuables in the plain sight of their car. So it is like an eye-candy for a criminal and tempts the thief to break into the car.

If you leave valuable items like money, credit cards, iPods, laptop computers, briefcases, wallets, cell phones your vehicle and they’re visible to outside, the chances are more because these are always a main target for the car thieves.

So before leaving from the car by keeping it aside, make sure that you have put the valuables in such a hidden place which has absolutely no visibility from the plain sight.

Tip #4 Don’t keep the spare keys in your car

Many people for their own safety, in case they lose the main key or something happens to it, keep a spare key under the car but unfortunately experienced thieves have pretty much knowledge about the common hidden areas. It’s ok if you don’t have spare key and you can deal with it but imagine if your car gets stolen only because you have kept the spare key in your car. Much frustrating you know.

So Never hide a spare key inside your car and it’s better if you keep them in a secure location inside your home or if it is much necessary for you to carry everywhere you go, just keep it elsewhere, possibly in your wallet or purse.

Tip #5 Park in well-lit areas

Our general conscience is that if we keep anything in the dark and hidden condition, nobody can see it and it will be safe there. But the thing is exactly the reverse in case of car parking because car thieves always seek to steal from out of focus areas so that they can run away with the car without being noticed by anyone.

So every time you keep your car unattended and you want to park somewhere, try to choose:

  • a well-lit and busy areas
  • preferably a garage
  • near security cameras
  • close to building entrances
  • Surrounded with other cars.

So that your car will be in safe condition as the thieves don’t want to be spotted and identified and that leads to a very least chance of your car being stolen.

Car Parked Outside

Tip #6 Install antitheft devices

Most of the modern cars come with some of the normal preinstalled security devices. But if you don’t have, invest some extra bucks to install some smart security devices in your car so the would-be thieves will be reluctant to steal as they know they are going to be caught anyway very quickly. So if you want to ensure ultimate protection for your car, then you can install:

  • Steering-wheel lock
  • Kill switch
  • Alarms
  • Hood locks
  • Tire locks
  • Vehicle tracking system
  • VIN Etching (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • Mechanical Immobilizers

Tip #7 Keep your car’s document with you

when you exit from your car, take all the documents such as driver’s license, some personal identification papers, car registration, and insurance papers etc. with you and never keep it inside the car, else that could be used by the car thief and he can claim that you lent the car to him willingly and will eventually sell or dispose your car.

Final words:

These are the basic tips a car owner can adopt to prevent car theft issues but one thing everybody must remember that these tips are well-known to the miscreants and these wicked minds are constantly engaged in creating new technology to elude these modern security systems. But if we adhere to these above tips stringently, the car theft cases could be brought to a very lower extent.

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  1. Deana Torres says:

    Car theft happens only because of the owner’s carelessness. Just few tiny mistakes and you’ll lose your car! Car thieves are keeping their eyes on all the time so owners need to be little watchful. Out of all the above tips, installing the antitheft devices is the most effective one. I do have antitheft alarm and I feel my car safe even in crowds also. Good to read this post!

    • autoadmin says:

      You’re welcome Deana. Thanks for your honest feedback. It seems like you’re conscious enough for your car and it’s really a good thing. Keep it up.

  2. Andrew Holeomb says:

    I was looking for the same, glad I got it. Car theft has become a common problem for car owners and despite lots of caution still it is happening all the time. Many of us are living with the fear of losing our car with little unconsciousness. I too belong from the same set of people. Here I got some helpful tips as well as some solutions to keep my car secured. Thanks a lot for sharing a brief on this topic.

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