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Posted On: July 15th, 2016    To  Auto Info, Car Maintenance

Car With Better Fuel Mileage

Many people wish to sell their car. And the reason is simple-it’s not showing good mileage!

I mean it’s nothing wrong in their reason. The way the price of fuel rising, a frequent traveler can’t afford that easily.

But selling the car is not the permanent solution, right?

We’ll buy another new car, but again the same complain will arise after some year.

Truly speaking, we ourselves are responsible for this!

But folks! There are many simple ways or rules through which we could get a better fuel mileage.

What you have to do is; just abide by these rules and you’ll be surprised to see how much you have saved on fuel bill at the end of each month or year.

Want to know the ways? See below…

Tip: 1 Don’t Drive Rough

  • If you’re driving your car very rough on the road, then it’ll surely increase the gas bill. No doubt in it.
  • Aggressive driving takes toll not only on the fuel consumption, but also car’s several parts get damaged very quickly.
  • Sudden accelerating, continuous hard braking, frequent gear changing etc. burns more gas and reduces the gas mileage by aprrox.30%. So, if you want to cut on your gas bill, then driving sensibly is one of the easy ways. Come on! It can save your life too!

Sensible Car Driving

Tip: 2 Don’t Drive Too Fast

  • It’s a fact the fast you travel, the fast your fuel tank will be emptied. So driving in the economy is the best option you could choose to save bucks on fuel.
  • After you see the speedometer signaling more than 55 mph, then you shouldn’t push your right foot down more. In every 10 mph increase after you reach 55 mph means, there is an average reduction of 15% gas mileage.
  • In this case, it’s better to use the cruise control, if you have that facility in your car. This will prevent over speeding and simultaneously improve the mpg.

Tip: 3 Don’t Keep Tires Underinflated

  • Yes, under-inflated tires lowers the fuel economy .The tire which is underinflated with a pressure by 10 psi can reduce approx. 4% of the fuel economy.
  • Due to low pressure, rolling resistance increases and the car demands more fuel to burn to move the vehicle at the desired speed.
  • So it’s always recommended to maintain exact air pressure in the tire according to the owner manual. Also check if the tire is properly aligned and balanced or not? These factors also have their share of reduced mpg.

Tip: 4 Cut That Extra Weight

  • Like the extra fat persons can’t walk properly and requires a more energy to move from one place to another, cars also need extra power to move if it carries more than permissible weight.
  • That extra power for car comes from the burning of more fuel while increasing the fuel bill.
  • So while travelling, don’t carry the things that you don’t need or can be manageable. Each 100 pound you add, your car will consume 2% more fuel. Also try to fill fuel tank half every time; this too will shorten the weight.

Tip: 5 Limit Using Air-Conditioner

  • If you want a chill travelling time always, then you have to be generous on the car engine. As it’ll consume more fuel if the air-condition switch is on.
  • Try to use it only when the environment outside is too hot to handle. And it’s better to use when you’re travelling at the speed more than 45 mph. Because this time the air drag resistance will be more if the windows are rolled down.
  • Air-condition use reduces the fuel economy by approx. 15%.

Tip: 6 Maintain Your Car

  • Yes, by keeping the car at its finest condition will definitely maximize the fuel efficiency. And it will lead to a wide smile in your face when you realize you’re actually saving money through it.
  • Do the regular servicing of your car and maintain it well according to the owner manual. Mainly change the air filter, if it’s gone very dirty.
  • Do a regular check of the mass-airflow sensor, oxygen sensor, spark plug and change them if necessary. And yes, don’t forget to use the recommended engine oil.
    • Tip: 7 Lessen the Idling Time

      • Many people think that the vehicles should warm up enough before actually running them. But no! It’s not required at all. 30 seconds is enough for a modern car to get warm up in winter time.
      • Believe it or not! Idling is the cause of considerable amount of lower fuel efficiency. So stop the engine there if you know that you have to stay for a period more than 30 second at places like the grocery shop, bank etc.
      • Also try to avoid rush-hour and tailgating.

      Tip: 8 Use the Right Grade of fuel

      • If you’ve a premium car, then use the high octane fuel Fuel Filling in Car every time. Because it will not run properly on the regular oil and eventually it’ll have technical issues.
      • If you don’t know the type of fuel your car needs, follow the owner manual.
      • Maximum cars run on regular oil and it could enhance efficiency up to 2 percent. But don’t think that using premium fuel in your regular oil car will increase economy. It’s not like that!

      Final Words

      Finally, if you are serious to get a better mileage in your vehicle, then only you can get it.

      So for that, you must follow the above tips stringently and keep track of the subsequent fuel economy changes. Apart from it, if possible, sometimes prefer to walk or do biking, get benefitted through carpooling etc. This will not only save you bucks but also can be the reason for sustainable living!

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      1. Albert Hobbs says:

        I’m getting a very bad fuel mileage and it hurts my pocket. My car is just of 1year old but it is showing a poor mileage. I was looking for some tips which can help me out improving the mileage. Your article is really nice. I think choosing the right grade of fuel is the most important. However, the maintenance also matters a lot. Anyways, it was really valuable reading this info. Thanks for sharing.

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