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Posted On: December 17th, 2014    To  Auto Repair, Car Accident, Car Maintenance

Vehicles today on the roads of the USA are modern, far more advanced and are rich with safety features. Yet, the issues of fatal accidents on the roads tend to continue unabatedly. The families, friends and near & dear ones unfortunately suffer silently due to the involvement of one of them. Plenty has been done and plenty continue being done to prevent accidents with advents in many safety features in the vehicles and aids on the roads. Statistics shown by various authorities tell us of reduction in accidents. Despite all such measures, accidents continue and plague the civil society with a massive dent to the economy with the prohibitory expenses such incidents involve. The return to regular life can be painfully long, time consuming and affects the future of the suffering family gravely. Unless taken care of, the current situation of road accidents claiming to be the 9th highest cause for casualty, can safely occupy the 5th position inside couple decades. Accidents must have been unimaginable when motor vehicles first came out to replace the good old horse-drawn carts. With the passage of time, more and more vehicles vied for space on the roads, roads were built to accommodate more vehicles, safety features keep being invented, on-road aids continue to modernize, yet “enough” remained a dynamic word, it is never adequate enough. New reasons and causes of accidents keep surfacing all the time.

Road Accident

Here we present the recent worst road incidents so we learn and keep ourselves from harm’s way.

In Southern Alamance County, North Carolina, during a heavy downpour, a man rushing his wife in labor to the hospital in his car, lost control on the wheel and skid fatally. The crash resulted in a severe concussion and the wife could not be saved. Investigations revealed that she did not have the seat belts on. The wheels were worn out too.

In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, five youngsters travelling together hit a tractor trailer in August “12. In no time, the car caught fire. Before any help could arrive, all five had charred to death. Apparently, none of the unfortunate and hapless five had seat belts on.

Around approximately the same time, human traffickers in McAllen, Texas were transporting illegal immigrants in a truck. Due to an explosion in one of its front tires, the truck cartwheeled multiple times. It was carrying 23 people. In the aftermath, 15 people lost their lives and 9 were grievously injured.

Yet again in Texas, 2 elderly people lost their lives when their car was ploughed in by a huge tractor trailer. Incidentally, there were up to hundred and fifty vehicles involved in the mess it created on the I-10, southwest of Beaumont City which caused minor to grievous injuries to as many as 80 hapless people.

In early January of 2012, 5 cars and 6 tractor trailers caused a pile-up on a Florida highway. The mess was frightening with vehicles twisted on top of each other that caused fire and smoke. The affected stretch was more than a mile. It left 10 casualties in its wake.

One of the most unfortunate accidents revealed no reason. This occurred in Texas; it involved a truck on its way with around couple dozen people riding in. This snuffed out lives of 14 people. Around 9 were treated for minor to serious injuries.

3 grown up people and 2 kids met with tragic death when their Mercedes van caught fire after hitting a structure and somersaults one early morning in New York. The rescuers discovered that the passengers could not extricate themselves from the vehicle and died of asphyxiation.

On a St Louis highway, a driver who survived, informed the police that he lost control of the wheel, the car cartwheeled and smashed into other cars before coming to rest. None of his 4 co-passengers could be saved.

In a heartrending incidence, a boy of the tender age of 17, lost control on a steep turn on a newly bought car. It caused death of 4 other students on the road. Incidentally, the stretch of this accident was marked as being accident prone one. If only the teen driver had heeded the warning!

During the middle of 2012, in a bizarre incidence, a truck and a car collided even though they were on either side of the divider, travelling in opposite directions. This had occurred in Knoxville, Tennessee. The daughter was in intense trauma knowing that none of her folks – mother, father and brother survived the crash. She was inflicted with very serious injuries as well. The parents were from the medical fraternity.

Mishaps do happen. And they happen unannounced. They are difficult to predict. Safety precautions like looking out for worn out tires, seat belts, adhering to road signs, stipulated maintenance routine, refreshing driving guidelines, improved locking mechanisms etc. would certainly help reduce the casualties and save our families from ruin.

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  1. Bell Aronhalt says:

    Thank you for the great article which provides information as well as precaution about road accidents. I have read some blogs and other relevant articles and prepared a statistical data. According to it I found that there were nearly 6,420,000 fatal car accidents in USA in 2005. One very interesting thing is that about 115 people die every day in road accidents i.e. one death in every 13 minutes.

    • autoadmin says:

      Thanks for your valuable insights. An accident is something a heedful issue and some proper steps should be implemented to save lives of the people. Do visit again and share your reviews.

  2. AndrewScotch says:

    Road safety is a major social concern now days. For this everybody should remain responsible to raise the public awareness in road safety and promote the road safety vision of zero accident on the road. Reducing road accidents through improved enforcement, road safety education should be the primary objective of the Government. Apart from this there should be certain speed limits declared by government and all should be instructed not to drive faster than the speed limits. By improving the skills and attitudes of drivers and riders we may reduce the rate of road accidents.

    • autoadmin says:

      Well said. Thanks for stopping by to read and comment. Like you I too hope to hear the news about reduce road accidents. So, let’s hope for the best!

  3. Jeremy Gilbert says:

    Road accidents are very common nowadays. People are so careless these days that they are forgetting to follow the traffic rules. We know that every single mistake can cause danger to our life while driving on freeways. But, we are doing the same mistake every time and that’s really idiotic. Texting and talking on cell phone while driving are certainly some of the main causes of road accidents these days. So, follow all the traffic guidelines to avoid unconditional road accidents.

    • autoadmin says:

      Thanks for your lines Jeremy. You have said everything right. But, the most important thing is how many of us following the traffic rules properly.

  4. Clark Collins says:

    There is a saying “speed thrills and also kills’. Keeping control over speed while driving will definitely help you to save yourself from fatal road accidents. Is there any need of speeding your vehicle while anyone closing behind? Or, do you simply enjoy over-taking? It is important to lower the speed while you are nearing schools, narrow roads, hilly areas, rural areas and when visibility is poor. Wet roads and speed is a perfect recipe for an accident.

    Common things that one must follow to avoid road accidents are: obey the traffic rules, must not be in hurry and use your senses while driving.

    • autoadmin says:

      Thanks Clark for your reply. Yes, one has to be sensible while driving and this is something which can help him/her to have a safe driving.

  5. Lucas Williams says:

    Most common causes of road accidents in USA are reckless driving, drunk Driving and distract driving. Around 400 people in a year are killed by vehicle crashes because of distract driving. Around 280 people also died a year because of drunk driving. And last but not the least is careless driving and among all these accidents 125 of them getting accident because of their careless/reckless/rash driving. To stop such accidents people need to be careful and watchful while driving.

    • autoadmin says:

      Thanks Lucas for this comment. I certainly feel everything in the hand of the vehicle operators and they are the people who can only stop such brutal accidents. Only they need a bit more sensitive while driving.

  6. Jeff Hudson says:

    Oh My Jesus!! Quite melancholy stories!! Though people are taking more cautions to save themselves from accidents, but still the number of accident are increasing day by day. Each single day we are dealing with vehicle accident stories in the front page of our newspaper. What are the reasons behind it and is there any permanent solution to stop it? Two months earlier I also had gone through a severe accident with my car but luckily I managed to get escaped and survived.

    I think we the people who can stop accidents to be happened. Nothing burdensome we need to do, but just to take care of our own while driving. If every individual will start thinking of his own then definitely the number of accident cases will fall down.

    • autoadmin says:

      Thanks for the comment. Yes, we can stop road accidents and for that we have avoid reckless driving, distract driving and drunk driving.

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